For women’s bodies, there are all kinds of shapes and sizes that make each woman very unique. However, over time, different proportions of the body have been divided into five key categories. These include apples, rectangles, triangles, inverted triangles and hourglasses. If you have never heard of this strange collection of words used to describe a woman’s body, don’t be embarrassed. They only refer to the proportion of women’s shoulders, waist and hips, regardless of her weight. When choosing underwear, knowing which category you belong to may be a valuable secret weapon with the same number of choices. So, to help you look and feel the best in your underwear and bedroom, we’re here to discuss the best underwear for all body types.

Underwear type
Underwear design aims to flatter the image of women. A great piece, or a set, highlights the woman’s unique femininity, making her feel comfortable and beautiful. Whether it’s for others or just for yourself, perfect underwear can instantly boost women’s self-confidence. From bras and baby shirts to bodice and camisole, the world of underwear is a treasure trove of women’s clothing in all shapes and sizes. This guide introduces all the familiar underwear, as well as some underwear you may not know, creating a complete underwear guide for all body types.

suit underwear

Matching Sets
As the name suggests, the package can be worn with bras and panties. This feminine lingerie style is suitable for all body types because it focuses on the body and the whole, rather than focusing on a specific function.

Garter belt
Taste your man with a seductive garter and heat it in the bedroom. This piece, also known as a sling, wraps around the waist and is usually made of lace or delicate materials. If you look bolder, you can also find a garter in the leather. These sultry costumes are fastened to stockings or knee-high socks with hanging clips. This underwear is perfect for hourglass-shaped women who want to emphasize their waistline. In addition, it is a winner for women seeking to draw attention to their legs.

Throughout history, the purpose and symbolism of corsets have changed many times. The patriarchal object that was once seen as a power and restrictive clothing has recently been transferred to women. Nail and seductive, bodice sits under the woman’s chest and extends down to the hips. The traditional form is designed to shape the shape of the character and achieve an hourglass profile with eviscerated bones along the seams and laces on the back. However, these laces may also appear on the front or side to give a fresh, modern look.

Similar to the bodice, the bodice enhances the curved hourglass profile of the female shape. These skinny pants can double the chest while shaping the waist for an extremely seductive look. The waist has the power to create a curve, while giving people a more full of chest illusion, the corset is very suitable for short stature, the body is an hourglass or rectangular small chest female.

Teddy bear
Bringing your teddy bear into the bedroom is not sexy. On the other hand, wearing a teddy bear is absolutely. Underwear is equivalent to a one-piece swimsuit, and Teddy is a playful item for all body types. This underwear is made from lace, leather, mesh and other fabrics, cut and styled to add brilliance to any body. Especially the inverted triangle female looks amazing because it balances the wide shoulders and lengthens the body.




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