You often hear these ads for home business and investment opportunities that say “Make money at home, working in your cheapest underwear.” While this may be a major selling point for whatever opportunity that is being pitched, for the most part it isn’t very practical or realistic. For one thing, most of these opportunities involve building a network of people either by phone or in person.

We have often heard the term “Dress For Success.” I think people take this way to lightly. I love the line in the Nicolas Cage movie “Family Man,” where he is at the mall with his family and he tries on the $2400 suit and declares. “Somehow this suit makes me feel like a better person.” It’s true. If you look your best you will perform your best. If you are not convinced, just for fun, go put on your best clothing after reading this article and go to the supermarket or call a business prospect or even a friend and notice how you feel. It is amazing what a good suit will do for your self esteem. Don’t you think this is the image you want to project to your prospective business partner, life partner or friend? Your best?

Studies have shown that people who have changed their dress from the everyday hum drum attire to making a practice of looking their best have improved their performance dramatically. It is appalling to me the way business such as health insurance companies, and other customer service type companies are allowing their employees to dress. They are not fully tapping into the full potential of their #1 asset, their employees.

Think about this. If you attended a seminar with 2 millionaires on stage pitching their business opportunity to you, which person would you most likely follow. Millionaire 1 in his 3 piece Armani suit, or millionaire 2, a scrubby character in his dirty tee shirt and holey blue jeans? Now I admit that some of what they are pitching would have something to do with which millionaire you would go with, but let’s say for this example the opportunities they were pitching to you had similar appeal. Then which one would you choose? I’m pretty sure you would go with millionaire 1 in his 3 piece Armani suit, because it projects radiance, confidence, energy and a potential lifestyle that is appealing to you




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