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That’s not fashionable! Williams flashing her underwear in a pure floral dress in her beauty is launched in Dublin

Her launch of the flique cosmetics series in Ireland shows her support for the Charlotte Crosby.
On Wednesday night, Vogue Williams made a statement in a formal dress at a VIP banquet at the Morgan Hotel VIP room in Dublin.
Host 31 flashed through her suit underwear beneath the tight pink top number and added an obscene edge to her.
A pretty flower pattern number of purple Halter fashion, with her black underwear visible below.
Sexy belle completed her look upon a simple necklace and a pair of black high heels.
Her blonde locks on a bun, keep makeup natural, smooth pink lipstick and heavy Cole.
After a favorite Instagram, fashion 31 uploaded a picture of her in her hand with her 27 year old boyfriend Spencer Matthews, each with the same ring inscribed with letters “V” and “S”.
Perhaps their sweet romance replaced the malicious words, onslaught, vogue, and soon after the title: “yes, we are husband and wife.”!”
She went on to thank the sparkling things that created the jewels I loved for me. You are really the best.
Fashion star has been dating the former Chelsea star since appearing on the 4 channel reality show “jump” in February.
Although a moment or two years, have the problem of their relationship (she was not invited to the wedding of Pippa Middleton when she married Spencer’s brother James and Spencer was photographed with a mysterious woman are already talking about off the reel spring) their relationship is so strong.

She claims that the secret of her relationship with reality TV stars is to talk to each other too often every day.
Irish hosts are discussing her star boyfriend, soon to appear on Channel 4’s hunt and buddy Jamie Laing – to see them trying to leave the grid entirely, trying to escape the hunt for hunters from a team of experts.
In goss.ie, a native of Howth as the next of kin recalled her love time taken in during the filming of the series, said her mobile phone, the house was that Hunter hacked to death, even in her apartment unannounced.
“To tell the truth, it’s a little inconvenient for me,” she said. The hunters actually hacked into me and attacked my cell phone. They left my home.
“They uninvited to ten in the evening to try and see if I met Spencer. I don’t have make-up, I’m wearing ice cream pajamas, so I’ll look violent on that show.
At the same time, Spencer admitted that his experiences are absolutely love — which makes him hitchhiking, stay in the fields, even for food, she admitted to the people, because they communicate too much, not to talk with him is difficult.
“Yes, you know, we can’t talk,” she said.” We went for eight days without talking or seeing each other, and it was really, really hard, because we talked about 20 times a day, so that must be the hardest part.




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