A lot of things can fly radar in places where New York can cause commotion. In the morning, they go to work on the subway tube dance show, and the naked cowboys are tourists… But did you run in your underwear? This is probably the craziest New York approved of what I’ve done.
I’m not ashamed of any chance of my body, don’t wear pants, show a little belly, or just live in a swimsuit is perfect for me. My college roommate jokes that they see my full moon more than they see. And, until recently, my life has been so attracted by fitness that I no longer think about what my body is like, not what it can do. So when I was invited to run it and run a celebration of the 1.7 mile long underwear start of the New York Triathlon weekend, my initial idea was the annual tournament, “it’s funny.”. I can run 1.7 miles. Hell, let’s do it!But as the game approached, the reality of my commitments went down, and I had more problems, worries, thoughts and feelings.Here, what I’ve learned, I thought it would be a good time, don’t worry about streaking party, why do I think you should bring it down?.
1. Your support team is more important than you think.
I planned to run with two friends. About running solo and lingerie bag through the Central Park what seems to have no attraction to class Snapchat, realtalk and # giggle, through it all. Also, how lovely it is if we match the white in the ass, shameless? I can see in my mind that after the installation of the future, it is already a title for brainstorming… That’s until my friend bailed. To be fair, they all have the excuseor a legitimate job, but that doesn’t mean a person has to have fun running around. Suddenly, I was afraid to sit alone on the starting line, naked, scared (well, not really, but a little). (and I didn’t peel it off at all. I run 5K nude

2. It’s easy to feel comfortable when you’re comfortable.

I puzzled over what to wear. The idea of running in my underwear seems totally out of the question. Thong? No way out。 Cheekies? No. the boy’s shorts? The middle of the wedge Finally, I selected the butt cover I can find # bikinis underwear lovemyshape sports bra I, it seems appropriate to the occasion. (read all about the epic # lovemyshape movement. We here)I decided to run from my apartment to the starting line with my sports bra and shorts, because I wasn’t sure how to check the bag. Considering the fact that I don’t even wear pants, it seems ridiculous to wear my running to bring my cell phone, keys and so on. Do I listen to music? Do these sneakers look stupid? What am I going to do with my hand? Can I run? You don’t know the function of clothes as a safety blanket until you can’t have everything – it’s a guess.On my way to the starting line, I was paranoid that everyone was looking at me, and I didn’t even wear
my shorts. Usually, when I run or exercise, I shake my bra very comfortably. Why am I so nervous and nervous? It’s going to be a long ass, 1.7 mile long race. (reading a woman learns how to wear a sports bra in public only).

3.Confidence is not a destination, it is a journey. Never end.When the “perfect” people complain about their insecurity, people get angry. Cheater!” Calling the trolls on the Internet is like a socially acceptable look that means everything is golden. But no one really has a confident and happy body for 100% of the time. Even if you feel good now, you may be completely destroyed by a seemingly rigid floor. Maybe when you and a new intimate partner together to take off his clothes, shaking a completely beyond your normal style clothes, or experience some fundamentally change your body (hey, pregnant) life experience, your life will happen. At some point, life will test your confidence in a way that brings you back to the point. For me, it
was the starting line in my underwear.

4. The body is just a body. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your value.
When the running finally started, even though my adrenalin accelerated my normal pace, I could easily forget what had happened. While beating the pavement, I and some girls were matching “donut touch”, printed underwear, handsome, super dense underwear. I smiled as tourists traveled through the park to watch naked human races. I tried to imagine they would tell their friends in their hometown what a real New York would be like.

I realized that in seeing too much stretching, obvious fat spots, shaking the body to
count, the honest body




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