Madonna avoided legal sanctions Thursday and refused to let her deposit her memorabilia in her lawsuit video auction, including a pair of wearing suit underwear  and a love letter from the late rapper Tupac Shakur.
The pop queen sued her former friend Darlene Lutz to check her “highly personal project” online auction must have! Last summer, she claimed that her former friend had no permission to sell her property.
Madonna’s lawyer refused Lutz’s photographer to participate in the month she deposited in the case.
Last Thursday, Lutz’s lawyer asked the judge to punish the “fashion” singer’s move.
“The credibility of [Madonna] was questioned, many times in the legal barbecue, lawyers, Judd Grossman, in Manhattan, the Supreme Court told the judge Gerald Lebovits.
For example, Grossman said, he asked Madonna to deposit a pair of underwear that she gave to her lover 20 years ago, and when she was auctioned off, she sued Lutz.
“Do you have any good faith foundation to claim my client, Darlene Lutz, put these suit underwear ?” As the singer claimed, Grossman pressed.

suit underwear
“I don’t,” Madonna admits.
She also acknowledged that from the singles party in Miami, letters and photos of the fan club during the adaptation period had been announced, according to Grossman.
“[Madonna] is obviously uncomfortable during deposition. “For a while she closed her eyes and struggled to find the answer,” Grossman said.
But she never lost history and jury in the interrogation process, because there was no record of deposition, Grossman argued.
Therefore, if the case is to be tried, the jury will not be able to fully trust her credibility, he said.
Madonna’s lawyer, Brandon O’Rourke, said he believes the judge of the parties have no video testimony. The judge said he didn’t remember any way.
O’Rourke said that Lutz’s lawyer could not point to a specific case of Madonna’s testimony of perjury.
Judge Lebovits said the testimonies were not standardized, and then dropped to sanctions against Madonna.
The judge said, “I think they’re very atypical.”.
Lutz asked the judge to be based on the so-called Madonna admissions, many projects are not, the fact is so, individuals.




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