She is a voracious gourmet and a special cook.
But Chrissy Teigen took it to another level on Thursday, and she asked her twitter followers to help her with the roast dilemma, asking for some ripe bananas to be exchanged in her husband’s suit underwear .
“If you are in Losangeles area 6 Brown bananas, I will send my assistant to you sign a recipe, John’s suit underwear  and Becca palette,” the 31 year old supermodel propositioned her fans.
Desire: Recipes for all the authors you want to eat require brown or ripe banana bread recipes.
Forced those thought Chrissy joking, she followed her another tweet request.
Only a serious inquiry. Please send me a picture of your banana with the sign “peace sign”.
The reaction was overwhelming all her reactions. Within 5 minutes, her fans were acting spontaneously, holding their own pictures of ripe bananas as she asked.

suit underwear
Chrissy realized that no safety guidelines, so she sent money to produce another text in social media.
To be on the safe side, my assistant will try a small piece of banana in front of her before you make a deal.
One year old Luna’s mother wrote on Twitter: “banana submission has been closed, less than 10 minutes with her request. Thank you so much, I will send the runner up banana banana bread once it is finished.
Chrissie’s assistant, her mother, traveled long distances to pick up priceless fruit for her exchange of photos and post on twitter.
One of the banana donors sent a reward picture on Twitter and asked if she should frame Calvin’s suit underwear .
Maybe Chrissy has started a new trend, from a neighbor has a new modern social media inclined to borrow a cup of sugar.




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