Our heads are spinning wild, singles premieres.
It has everything: magic, partial nudity, tears, and uninvited guests.
After this episode, we have had for Sophia to learn more, we also learned about her heart for human knowledge.
But after two hours of opening, there are still some questions left, and we want answers.
Why are the two guys wearing the same clothes?
Yes, there is a wardrobe department. It was no accident that the two participants wore the same purple and black shiny suit underwear.
Why is Sam wearing long John?
When it comes to wardrobe choices, Sophie wears a sleeveless silk gown, but one feels like he’s dressed like Himalayas.
Sam – aka bread were surprised when he chose to do an suit underwear run jumping out of the car, took off his clothes with full heat… Including long John.
In a word, this is a complete set of hot air flow.
How did Hayden take off her suit underwear and take off her pants?
Hayden told everyone that Hans had taught him some skills, first destroyed his underwear, and did not take off his pants like epic scenes in Zoolander.
Considering that Hansel is a fictional character, how can he know it?. So how did he do it??? Does he have a pair of spare underwear in his pants just in case he pulls a supermodel?
This raises the question: does he often pull a supermodel?!
Why did Jourdan suddenly appear suit underwear?
“Black said best,” he pointed out. “Suddenly, Jourdan began to stumble, because he didn’t start limping at night. It was incredible.”

suit underwear
What happened between the red carpet and cocktail party that made him unable to walk normally?
It has never been explained, we need to know. Ryan didn’t kick his calf’s cunning
What’s the story of Jordan and his emotional breakdown?
Even though there were otters there? Dead? Rats? Jourdan’s emotional meltdown was definitely the strangest part of the night.
In the game I never played, Sophie asked them outright whether or not they had been cheated.
When Jourdan was in tears, she would obviously hit a soft spot, and our Bachelorette mother instinct kicks.
“This is the worst case, isn’t it?” Worst. What happened? She asked him.
“I was accused of cheating, and I never did,” Jourdan cried.
“Yeah, they say you’re cheating, they cheat, and what happens usually,” Sophie sympathized.
“She has never cheated.”. It just sucks.”
Don’t wait for the next part of the story – because that’s what it is. That’s all.




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