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Why does the gynecologist want us not to wear underwear?

There might have been a full release of the commandos going out. And the abandonment of your underwear is usually aesthetic – only when even seamless suit underwear  is not enough, and you still have a VPL – another reason why a gynecologist thinks we should start doing it.
Speaking of health, gynecologist Donnica Moore, MD puts her in the condition of life without shorts.

suit underwear
“It’s bad to always lock up women’s parts,” she explains. “They need air just like all the rest of your body.”
Women may wear suit underwear  for years, but gynecologist suggests that building sweat in your crotch area may increase your risk of yeast infection, especially if you choose lace or airtight fabrics.
Moore admitted the potential dangers of your suit underwear , he said: “when your clothes do not want to contact your vagina, you will have the risk of irritation and abrasions.” Like jeans, they’re not soft at all.
Obviously, stimulants such as those without underwear can cause skin to be a small hole in the portal bacteria, but she believes it is not a risk to outweigh the benefits of a new life, commando life.
So it depends on whether you follow her advice, but if so, maybe you can take it one step at a time – like not wearing suit underwear  when sleeping, for example, to see where you are from and a serious act of impulse not to throw away your underwear drawer.

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