A person rented a room as a guest Airbnb suspected of attempting to rape a seven year old girl in Minnesota home, in the girl’s father found her daughter next to creep in nature’s garb and lying in bed, prosecutors said.
Derrick Aaron Kinchen, 28, Lansing, Michigan, after booking, the first time the police asked him to appear in court on Wednesday that attempted to attack the Minnetonka girl’s house, arrested a man on Sunday when they found him in a fishing boat only wear a suit jacket, the New York post reported.
The girl’s father told the police that Kinchen was a guest and rented a bedroom in their house through Airbnb.
He told police that he and his wife had the girls sleeping in their bedroom, and then heard Kinchen coming home from the midnight wedding.
About 15 minutes later, the girl’s father walked into the bedroom and found the door open and the light in the room on.
He said he soon found Kinchen lying naked beside his daughter.
“The defendant was naked and his penis was erect,” the father said, according to a possible statement from the Shuangcheng Herald press.

suit underwear
“[girl] the pajamas pulled up [father] saw [her] stomach and suit underwear  .”
The man was called Kinchen, who grabbed his coat and purse and ran home.
Police used police dogs to search for Kinchen, who was later arrested in a “partially covered fishing boat” in the vicinity of the house, according to possible reasons.
The document reads, “the defendant was naked, with only a suit coat.”
Before the girl later told police she woke up, what to say in her ear he whispered, find a naked Kinchen into her parents’ room, she thought he was going to let her from her mom and dad to keep a secret, “according to a probable cause statement.
Kinchen ripped off her suit underwear   and touched his penis. When her father came into the room, the girl told the police.
Kinchen was sentenced on Wednesday to $250000 in bail for 13 victims in a two degree criminal sexual act, a felony face, the Star newspaper reported.
“Kinchen has no criminal record of violent crime or sexual offenses,” one person told the morning paper. Airbnb officials, meanwhile, said “abominable behavior” reported by the girl’s family did not happen in its service.
“We are dedicated to providing full support for our family, we are working with the local police to ensure that they have our help, we ban the user from our community,” spokesman Ben Breit said.
“Protecting our community security is the most important thing we do.”.Our master shouldn’t have dealt with such a thing.”




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