Do astronauts suit underwear or shorts at the international space station? First appeared in the Quora: where to acquire and share knowledge, so that people learn from others and understand the world better.
Answer Clayton C. Anderson, the original resident of the international space station, Quora:
Oh, man! Let’s get started.

suit underwear
The astronaut wore the Hanes brand, the perfect white cotton (at least they were from the beginning!) Baggy suit underwear. Every single day。 Every day is spent on the 2007 Summer International Space station.
The hardest part is that I have to wear boxers for at least four days. You see, there’s no laundry service. Clothes (including underwear) are what we call “consumer goods” at nasa”. Using your supplies in more frequent supply deliveries requires too fast results when these are delivered to rocket boats.Well, to put it this way, it’s a little expensive.
No one has ever been biased against the taxpayer’s money. I try to use my shorts as much as possible. Four days later, I turned them over.Four more days. Then, I rotated 180 degrees, yes, four more days. Most of you can see what this is about, so I turn them over, and then.Four days! If you believe all this, then I have some wetlands in Florida ready for your purchase.

suit underwear
My Russian colleagues surprised me by wearing the American style “Bai Qun” (also) for five months. No, no, no, we were wearing Russian suit underwear while we were in space. It looks like a European Speedo, and they didn’t provide enough coverage for theordinaryspaceman, and they climbed me. “Even at zero gravity.”! Therefore, as a practical and resource conserving problem, I use them to wrap the material. On one occasion, I signed a pair with Sharpie and sent them home to wrap up scientific payloads, much like a shipping company using foam peanuts.” The imaginary man opened the expression of the packet!
During my second flight to the 2010 shuttle Discovery executive STS-131 mission, I was asked by lovely ladies who assembled our crew, clothing, underwear preferences. This time, I asked them to surprise me with a specific warning, telling them “random white shorts”.” The result is good! Red, white, blue, horizontal stripes Michael Jordan Hanes stretched leg cotton underwear. Beautiful! You can find one for them… Hanging on the wall of Feinikesi’s famous steak house, AZ.




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