Madonna has a secret – she wants to keep it that way.
The “material girl” lawyer tried to cover up a series of embarrassing photos and other personal information on Tuesday, as she filed a suit underwear against the online auction house.
Madonna prosecution must get suit underwear! In July she got a temporary order to stop the auction house from bidding for her personal effects, including underwear, one from Tupac Shakur, when he was in prison and a love letter.
Madonna was ousted last week, and on Tuesday, her lawyer asked the judge to provide secret information during the oath investigation.
“It’s about… “Protecting only limited information and documents is really confidential and there is no such situation,” said Madonna’s lawyer Sandra Crawshaw Sparks in the Supreme Court of Manhattan.
She added that “the embarrassing photos did not appear in this case” occurred during the deposition and should not be made public.suit underwear
Other private information, including Madonna’s email address, information about the ex boyfriend and storage facilities, she doesn’t have anything to do with it, says Crawshaw Sparks.
Madonna condemns former friends and art consultants, Darlene Lutz, for projects that can be tendered.
Lutz’s lawyer, Judd Grossman, retorted that Madonna was trying to suppress information that was not in its favor.
“Some information comes out – not irrelevant information – some statements in her affidavit are untrue,” Grossman said.
When Madonna sued, she included an affidavit of oaths, claiming she didn’t even realize that many of the auction items were not owned by her until they appeared on the auction list! Web site
Judge Gerald Lebovits says he will keep secret demands for the next two days.”
In July, a convicted drug dealer exclusively told the daily news that Madonna had given her a pair of pants at 1994, and they deserved suit underwear.




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