David Beckham supported David at their black club party and became a real family business.

David and Victoria, son David and nephew Louise Adams participated in the satirical carnival to commemorate him as a partner whisky brand.
With a packed guest list, Victoria made sure to stand out when she reached a completely transparent shirt and flashed her black underwear under her.

The fashion designer used a pair of high-rise skinny jeans and black high heels to match her bold top with a simple top.

The 44-year-old Victoria photographed her signature grin when she was photographing.

Brooklyn, the 19-year-old eldest son, enters the venue with a pair of eye-catching burgandy chinos and green military jackets.

At the time, 43-year-old David cut a gentle figure in a black suit and set off from a brown poloneck.

suit underwear

On Monday night, they made a dramatic entrance to Laylow, the host city of West London, surrounded by a team of security guards.

Earlier this month, the Beckham family was embarrassed by the cruel trolls, because David David shared his kiss on his daughter Harper.

The former football player had accepted the seven-year-old skating when he posted a photo on Instagram, letting her lick on her lips.

Fans immediately began to call the kiss “innocent.”

“She is your daughter. Why do you want to kiss her lips?” one asked. Another person said: “I feel that the kiss on the cheek is better than that and the lips. The lips are very strange.”

However, many others jumped on David’s defense and insisted that the kiss was a “pretty” thing, and anyone who thought it was different was very strange.

“There is nothing wrong with parents kissing their children on their lips… unless you have a sick, distorted mind and can’t distinguish between the shackles on your lips and what you and your boyfriend or girlfriend do,” raging one .

“I like this. I think it’s very important to make parents passionate about their children. This is very important for happy adults,” adds another person. The third answer says: “Between father and daughter or any parent There is nothing wrong with the feelings between them and their children. Nothing is there!”




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