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In recent months, she has been in the forefront of the British music scene due to her hit songs Hurtin Me and Senseless.

On Wednesday night, Stefflon Don attended the 2018 Q Award at The Roundhouse in London, where she sent her popular style to London.

Born in Birmingham, the baby showed an incredible display in a vibrant floral decoration – and it was a very summer show.

Her elegant full-length number is fully perspective, with distinctive flared sleeves and ruffled hem, and the front is separated, revealing the star’s bright purple lace lingerie. But the epic plunging neckline of this dress really stole the show, because the plump baby flashed her large cleavage.

The 26-year-old artist paired the provocative number with a heart-shaped belt tightened at the waist to emphasize her killer curve and a pair of fast-pointed bronze heels.

Stefflon – The real name Stephanie Allen – When her cosmetics are also outside, they are still excited about it.

The female singer chose a dramatic golden smoky eye with mascara and cappuccino lip gloss.

She finished the look with a pair of diamond heart-shaped earrings that can be seen under her long gold-locked buckle, which is called thick elastic curls.

After some of the top-successful whirlwind successes, our Steff offers some wise words to other aspiring singers.

Before she performed at the British Broadcasting Corporation Radio1Xtra Live, she explained: “What I really want to say to the artist and I noticed that many record companies are doing what they see is someone running and signing.

“I talked to a lot of artists, I like: ‘You signed up’, they are like: ‘Yes’, I like: ‘Where did they find you, you put a song like yesterday’. ‘I think You need to know more about this business, because if you don’t know that this is your signature first, then this is your first song, they will hardly give you anything. ”

The fashionable star said she refused to sign up for less than £1 million and even signed her own V-IV London brand so she could take full control of her music.

“I stayed at the table for a whole year and still have a lot of money!” she said.

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