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With the term shapewear, many still connect skin-colored love killers, who block the air we breathe. But the figure-shaping underwear, which makes our tummy disappear, is now sexy – STYLEBOOK explains what women should consider when buying and carrying.

Pinching corsetry was yesterday – the modern shapewear is nothing compared to seductive lingerie, is available with lace and in many beautiful colors and nestles in soft fabrics on our body. Still, women hesitate to buy. Here are answers to the most important questions.

Does one feel constrained by shapewear?

No, because you do not have to imagine the panties or forming tops like a pair of tights, but like an elastic support. The laundry does not push in places in the skin, but distributes excess pounds with gentle pressure – so a small tummy “smoothed out”, without constricting.

How do I choose the right size?

The shaping effect is not caused by the fact that the laundry is too small, but by the structure of the material. So stick to your normal size, then you can reduce a few inches of your body circumference.

How do I put on the shapewear?

Whether it’s a shaping trousers, an underdress or a tank top, always get off the top of the shapewear. The advantage: In this way, your curves are ideally packed and you keep track and do not get caught upside down in the tight mesh.

Can I wear the shapewear everyday?

This is the same as with other underwear: If you feel good, you can wear the shapewear regularly. Find the brand and shape that suits you best and do not be too fussy to try on different models – and also invest a bit more. So make sure that the figure-shaping underwear does not pinch and fits well every day.




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