The make-up artist in Cornwall has begun asking various shapes and sizes of women’s poses in suit underwear  , and new photos are taken to celebrate the new movement of human form to enhance self-confidence.
Kelly Richards has been a makeup artist in Cornwall for more than 20 years, and she says the pressure she experiences makes women look perfect”.
She now wants to prove that all women are perfect, just as they show their happiness and confidence in their skin.
Kylie said, “this is a big issue at the moment. I’ve been working in this industry for a long time, and many of my friends are models or photographers, so I’ve been able to see what it looks like.
When it comes to this problem, you tend to find that these organizations are looking for a particular, often small, flawless skin and feature product. That’s not realistic.
Obviously, is a great help, but it seems that the perfect shape and size of this idealism is being pushed to everyone.
“Anyone can be an example.”. It’s sad to see some people’s psychological representations of their appearance, and what they think is a “perfect body”. I’ve seen what the photo editor can do, and how it can provide a “perfect” effect, but it’s not realistic.

suit underwear
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Kylie admits that some of her friends have been struggling with “constant frustration”, and also suffer from mental health problems and eating disorders, trying to achieve “perfect appearance””.
She adds: “the problem is, it’s a very difficult industry, and it can be very cruel. There’s a lot of anxiety and eating disorders, because you’re knocked down, too fat or too thin or fat.
In addition, because of the pressure to achieve a goal, because some very smart photography can have a very adverse impact, will lead to eating disorders and mental anxiety in many people.
What makes each of us so amazing is that we are all different. No one is like me, just like no one likes you.
“We should all be proud and celebrated for ourselves and our bodies.”




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