When the body showed her incredible physique on her body at the UNICEF Summer Gala in Selva, Porto, Italy on Friday night, the producers of Body On Me were certainly not shy.

Rita Ora wore a colorful silk bodice, a long skirt, and a red carpet to ensure that all eyes were on her because she was waiting for the photographer’s storm.

This 27-year-old blockbuster sparkles her tones and trimmed stitches in her thigh-grazing ruby ​​pink and purple paneled outfits, almost infiltrating the sexy and old-fashioned Hollywood glamour.

However, despite being an experienced professional in all those flashy and gorgeous events, this amazing female singer proves that even the best stars can’t get rid of those terrible wardrobe problems because when she turns around As she walked, she was dangerously close to flashing her Netherland.

There is no doubt that wearing such a flash costume, the priority of the underwear on the list is not high, and our Rita finally flashes her bright white thong underwear waiting for the onlookers.

But everyone has not lost, because the star is already overwhelmed and continues to crush her things in a true heroine style.

This full-bodied baby is a music guest to celebrate the party. Of course, she chose a gorgeous bronze smoky eyes, mascara and cappuccino lip gloss for hair and make-up for this occasion.

At the same time, her golden lock is designed to be thick, fluffy curls
Sweeping one side and sketching a beautiful face.

She used a pair of star diamond earrings and three matching shiny rings to complete the revealed ensemble, with a pair of hot red high heels to show the appearance.

The UNICEF Ambassador to China also issued a very healthy glory, which is undoubtedly her recent vacation to Sardinia, Italy, where she took off her colorful swimsuit and added her tan.

The little star who is dating a 27-year-old musician, Andrew Watt, is clearly eager to show her fans her award-winning look and play her Instagram profile in the evening to release her highlights. clothing.

She wrote, “Too excited tonight.”

“Being able to perform for charity, I will continue to work closely with children who need it.”




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