The secret photos of the couple’s insurance agents resulted in unnecessary drug raids.

At the beginning of October, when Audrey Cramer in the Pennsylvania town of buffalo opened the front door, she never dreamed of seeing the police took the weapons to show her warrant. However, this happened when Cramer’s Insurance Company mistook her Hibiscus factory for marijuana and notified the local authorities.

The misunderstanding led to 66 year old Cramer and 69 year old husband Edward Cramer staying in the police car for several hours, and the police searched their house for the jars they had never seen before. It was said that Audrey Cramer was wearing suit underwear only, and not allowed to wear more appropriate clothes.

“I’m not as mortal as I am, but I’m just going to push aside,” Audrey told wpxi. I asked them if they could wear pants, and he told me, “no, I have to stand on the porch.”

Now, Clem is buffalo Township and national insurance, refers to the excessive force, deliberately false arrest, detention, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, according to a review of the Pittsburgh forum. The lawsuit also designated a specific insurance agent and three police officers.

suit underwear

According to the lawsuit, Clem filed a claim for insurance, and a tree fell into their property. An insurance agent came to the house to assess claims, was found in the backyard and hibiscus. According to reports, he believed that flowering plants with green leaves were hemp, and they were sent to the local police station.

Two days later, police arrived at Cramers’s house to search and arrest Audrey Cramer. Her husband arrived 1.5 hours later, and he was arrested. They were seized by the hibiscus.

Although Cramers did not charge their lawyers, they were still dealing with the consequences from the day.

“Why don’t the police know what that is?” Al Lindsay told the review tribune. “For those who have no history of crime and no law enforcement experience, arrest is an incredibly painful experience.”

Audrey Cramer told wpxi that the incident was still bothering her.” “I don’t go to bed at night,” she said. “Don’t leave me alone at home.”

The lawsuit alleges that the insurance agent infringes the privacy of Cramers to the police, and that the person involved should be able to immediately see the plant without cannabis.

Lindsay said, “I don’t understand what the officers think. What are they thinking?”




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