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This is the cause of our eating disorder! “Star Lili Reinhart slammed” fans “to share a body humiliating image comparing her plus size bodystocking to a secret model of Vitoria.

plus size bodystocking

“Star Lili Reinhart slammed her so-called fan body to humiliate her and cruelly put her in the plus size bodystocking body, a professional model.

The 21 year old actor, playing Betty Cooper in CW series, returns her Tumblr to the online trolls, posting images. She wears a penetrating bra, a Victoria’s Secret model Taylor Hill wearing the same black plus size bodystocking.

Lili explained that she had seen the comparative photos in her Instagram webpage in the past two weeks, which degraded the title, such as Lili VS mode, “who wears better?” Which one is hotter?

In the recent Riverdale event, Lili played Betty to his plus size bodystocking to perform steel tube dance in a bar. After comparing Lili’s body Taylor’s appearance on the Internet, some Instagram users commented, “Betty is fat” and “the model looks better.”

It’s hard to avoid. I think it’s time for me to say something at the end. “It’s disappointing,” Lili said of public supervision.

The actress noted that the body-shaming photo has been posted by, been, and it is also known as the following three aspects.

“This is the most hypocritical behavior I’ve ever seen,” she wrote. This is a poll. A competition. The comparison of two objects. This is a complementary point of judgment and negation.

Lili explained that it’s easy to “embrace your curves” and “everyone is beautiful”, but it’s difficult to achieve a real feeling.

I don’t have the body of the model. I fully understand this. I have no gap in my thighs. The 24 inch waist is “the color of the arm or the abdominal muscles,” she wrote. I’m not her. Who else dare to assume that I look like her?

 plus size bodystocking

Those who comment on this picture and have the advantage in this poll are those who compare themselves with the model. It is easy to point out the “shortcomings” of others, isn’t it? Because it makes us feel better about ourselves and our own insecurity.

You’re a question, don’t you understand? She continued. You are advocating the idea that this pattern is the way all women should be and that it looks like anything else is not good.

At the end of her article, Lili points out that these types of images are not only harmful, but also dangerous.

This is the cause of our eating disorder. That’s why young people tend to be suicidal about plus size bodystocking. This is why people have body dysmorphic disorder. that is why there are not enough size models in this industry.

I hope the next time you feel it’s necessary to comment on another woman’s weight or figure, it will make you think about it again.




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