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Of all the donations needed in a disaster like Hurricane Harvey, some of the most important items are often the most forgotten: underwear and menstrual health products.

But thanks to a plus size bodystocking boutique in Houston, Top Drawer plus size bodystocking donated more than $200000 of new bra to more than 5000 people after the storm. This is an example of how local enterprises, not only citizens, together, together in the city, say I support the female founder Dana Marlowe.

“So, usually when people leave home, you don’t think how long you want to go, you don’t have to think you might get your time in five days,” Marlowe said.

Not to mention sweaty and dirty you, if you pick up your house, tell her. ” The hurricane will not stop. ”

I support girls who collect and distribute basic dignity items, such as bra, chest adhesives, underwear and hygiene products. 2015, Marlowe learned homeless shelters and other charities, usually do not accept these items after their regular donation.

Nonprofit organization, which is based on previous disaster work in Maryland, so when Marlowe saw that Harvey had already gone to Texas, she mobilized her small team to start the donation of the Bay ahead. This includes coordination with Jennifer Jacobs, a woodland highland resident, who started my work in Houston only a few months ago to support the girl’s day.
plus size bodystocking
“I heard that NPR had to choose between the homeless women who had to buy vegetables and buy Sanitary slivers,” Jacobs said.

Enter the Dow Hickam, top quality underwear shopkeeper, has been selling underwear to customers in Houston since 1983. Shikam’s father bought the store at the end of the 90s from its original owner, and the top drawer was since the family.

Shikam has been donating a lot of unsold goods to the success of the dress, but at George R. Brown, he decided to replace it. Shikam also saw the virus video of the author Brene Brown, asked underwear donations for similar charity organizations, underwear for everyone, and decided to start asking for donations while bra. He wanted an organization partner and found the girl I supported.

Soon after, suppliers, plus size bodystocking stores and even top drawer loyal customers across the country were sending a large number of bras. Whenever a large enough cargo comes in, Jacobs will collect it and bring it to the storm.

“I was surprised at the efforts of other plus size bodystocking shops and manufacturers,” Shikam said.

“The women who make these bras, they represent the dignity of a lifeline,” Marlowe said. ” Your life is changing in a minute and a minute, which is a matter of little concern to you. This is the impact of small businesses, because there are too many red tape for big companies. People can return it in any way. ”

For Jacobs, his own house was flooded, running donations to give her some other focus. Now, the aftermath of the storm has eased up. Jacobs said she is considering how to move on. I support the new Houston chapter of girls, which may include ongoing donation drives.

“In general,” she said, “people have lived their lives.” After the holiday, I want to be able to reevaluate it. “




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