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“When you TMD hate needles”: plus size bodystocking model Simone Holtznagel, found that she is a serious anemia to get a blood transfusion.

plus size bodystocking
She is now in Australia, enjoying a good rest with her family and friends.

Unfortunately, the lingerie model Simone Holtznagel holiday is not just rest and relaxation.

A 24 year old guessing girl walked on Friday and revealed Instagram that she was a serious anemia to get a blood transfusion.

The blonde was lying on the hospital bed in a blood transfusion and shared a picture with the social media.

Wearing sunglasses, the expression was serious, and in the title of the photo, Simone revealed that the process was very difficult because she was afraid of the needles.

When you hate needles, find out how serious your anemia is. This is a Paddlin, “Simone wrote.

The sudden pattern was also in the hospital bed of the picture to Instagram, writing, she blocked the enemy.

plus size bodystocking

During her transfusion, she uploaded a video that could be heard by Simone and thanked her mother for supporting her through a program.

“When you’re afraid of injections, you’re sent to the baby room,” she wrote in a social media clip.

Wollongong won a runner up in the Australian Supermodel of the 2011 year old Simone, making her a good name.

Since then, the United States has discovered international success, landing a famous fashion model for the denim brand.

Although she was famous for her curve, Simone told plus size bodystocking that she would not be a secret model of Victoria in September.

She said, “I know a few girls, they are training all day, and I really like a glass of wine and spaghetti.”

If I want to do it, I need to leave it for five months and keep myself in the gym.




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