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The Chinese enterprise group, Fuxing International (0656), is discussing the purchase of La Perla in Italy and

buying a HK $6 billion 600 million acquisition of Tsingtao Brewery Asahi group.

Italy’s boss has been pulling for a month, and Fosun international sells a sole negotiated agreement in most of the

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Italy entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia, founder of Telecom Group fast network, bought disease group 69 million euros (639

million 120 thousand HK dollars) in court led auction, 2013 through family holding company’s global management.

Scaglia has invested more than 300 million euros, the company was founded in the northern city of Bologna after the

war, in order to promote the brand in foreign countries, especially in Asia.
The group, of which 30 stores, sales of 140 million euros, is expected to reach even through the end of 2018 this

year, Scaglia said in an interview recently, Forbes.

A joint statement says the deal needs to be approved by Fosun.

The Holiday Resort Club of Shanghai investment group, Fuxing Group, will continue to invest in the brand and give
full play to its potential as a global luxury boutique.
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Asahi group agreed to return its shares in Tsingtao Brewery to China, and sell its shares to Fuxing Group and local

brewers at a price of 941 million US dollars (7 billion 340 million Hong Kong dollars). Asahi will sell its third

largest beer of 20% in China to HK $27.22 per share, yesterday, Japan’s company. This is 32% off of the plus size bodystocking

price of HK $40 per share.

Fosun will pay a 18% share of about $847 million, while Tsingtao Brewery will pay the rest of about $94 million.

Fosun focuses its portfolio on the so-called “wealth, health, and happiness” industry to provide goods and services

for middle class families in China.

The Qingdao transaction is the largest investment in Fosun food and beverages. The company was the center for the

government to crack down on overseas acquisitions, aiming to reduce the leverage and risk in the financial system.




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