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The stage of Sarah, the plus size bodystocking model, shows her incredibly comfortable abdomen displayed on her tennis plus size bodystocking after two months of pregnancy, because she insists that she wants to get her baby’s “trophies”.

Sarah Stage is proud to show her amazing stature after finishing her plus size bodystocking for two months after delivery, but she admits she looks forward to winning her trophies when she starts working again.

At the age of 33, he welcomed her second sons, Logan Alexander, by caesarean section on October 16th, at Instagram on Tuesday they strike a pose in a black mesh bra with flowers, waist belt decals and photo sharing.

While sharing pictures, the Losangeles plus size bodystocking model grabbed the chance to answer some questions of her fans, and insisted that she did an amazing postpartum transformation without exercise.

“I haven’t recovered my training since I really want my body / incision to heal completely,” she explained, noting that she is now breastfeeding because Logan has not yet taken the bottle.

The two child’s mother went on to say that she was taking supplements to maintain her milk production, and when she returned to her baby’s weight, she attributed her success to breastfeeding and followed her healthy diet plan.

“I really rely on eating health, and I can increase the heat at the same time as I try to add a lot of Logan,” she explained. But I’m looking forward to getting my muscles and my spoils back; the second time I was born, I wanted my spoils.

plus size bodystocking

Sarah, who has two and a half years old son, James Hunter stressed that she didn’t do any aerobic exercises unless it’s important to chase a toddler.

She also said frankly, after she chose and Logan have a caesarean section, she was with James because he is a breech.

In discussing the benefits and risks of her doctor’s vaginal delivery after caesarean section, Sarah said she finally decided to have her second caesarean section as the best.

She added: “since Logan is here, I don’t regret my choice at all.” As a mother, we only want a healthy baby, and everything else is secondary.

Sarah went to thank her unbelievable obstetrician and obstetrician, and Dr. Matsuda gave her a caesarean scar that was very low and small. ”

She also said, “I also use silicon scars to help the scars keep smooth.”

At the end of the mail, Sarah spoke frankly about her loose skin on the stomach, and sneaked back to those who thought she was the rest of the decorations during her pregnancy, and her son’s health hazard.

She wrote, “yes, I have relaxed skin around my navel, a bit like an evil eye, so I think it’s a protection for the trolls of the Internet.” Who says Logan is not born healthy?

Before she was pregnant, she weighed 118 120lbs, she revealed earlier this month that she was at 117lbs.

Sarah was just 4lbs as early as November in her baby’s weight shyness to wear plus size bodystocking, when she went on a scale for the first time, only 17 days after childbirth.

At that time, she went to 124.8lbs, and in less than a month, she ran down a 7lbs to reach her weight before she was pregnant.




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