A former friend of Madonna asked the judge to sell her the star’s case today because she sold a souvenir without a license.

Darlene Lutz, who has fallen in love with the queen more than 10 years ago, has been trying to sell Madonna’s property, an online auction called it! Madonna’s lawyer said the project was not sold by Lutz, but today, Lutz’s lawyer pointed out that Madonna himself was collecting a pair of suit underwear a year ago.

The troubled underwear was a singer and a former boyfriend of a drug dealer who sold Peter Shue’s “material girl”. It comes with a handwritten note with “my suit underwear for you”, including the heart and the symbols.

Shue is sure to sell underwear! In a completely independent transaction, from Lutz and her lawyer, it is considered that if Madonna and her lawyer can’t even decide which items are being debated, litigation is meaningless.

“They are careless, the plaintiff inadvertently put these statements,” said Judd Lutz’s lawyer, Judd Grossman. For example, underwear, No. tenth. There’s a handwritten note… My client has nothing to do with that shipment. ”

Madonna and her lawyer, Brandon O’Rourke, admits underwear not factor into their situation. However, they still need to recover nineteen of the first twenty-two projects.

suit underwear
Lutz said she got the collection when Madonna left her home in Miami. The star was suspected of giving her something to the Lutz store. After their friendship ended, the souvenirs sat on the Lutz until she recovered them a few years ago and decided to sell them. The inventory includes old checks, entangled hair with Madonna’s hair in its comb, and two letters – from Rosie O’donnell, and Tupac Shakur.

“She didn’t even know that she had a letter from Tupac until 2008 or 2009,” the professor said. ” This letter is worth about 100000 dollars. This is not the letter she wants to sell. ”

The judge has not made a decision.




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