Seismic, a new clothing company, unveiled its first line of so-called “powered clothing” designed to help the wearer’s muscles and joints discomfort. It was the first product launched today at TechCrunch Disrupt, and later this year it was lingerie.

“Our first product is to integrate what we call smart wearable power and focus on the core,” CEO Rich Mahoney said in an interview with TechCrunch. “It works together to help the hips and waist to support movement and posture. There are many people who can use it, but what we really care about is demand.”

Seismic was originally developed by SRI International, a research and development non-profit organization known for its close relationship with Mahoney’s DARPA. Participating in the DARPA’S Warrior Network Program, Mahoney is committed to preventing and reducing musculoskeletal injuries in combatants. These efforts are focused on wearable robots such as electric muscles.

Seismic’s clothing consists of three layers. The first is the base layer of visible clothing that looks like clothes. The second is the strength layer, which has a robot on the outer leg that rides to the hips and includes the lower back. These robots aim to replicate the functions of muscles, tendons and ligaments by assisting the movement by contracting and relaxing like normal muscles.

The third layer is the so-called smart layer of the new company, an Internet of Things device that is used as an external device on the lower back. While most garments do not require external equipment, this garment will provide data on movement and posture.

“Creating influential robotics is my passion,” Mahoney said in a news statement. “The motivation to start Seismic is when I realize a very simple truth: no one wears a robot, everyone wears clothes.”




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