Vitoria’s secret, American underwear brand, opened its flagship Dublin store on Tuesday’s gate. Each woman as you imagine the 2700sq M suit underwear market with pink accent and charming artistic decoration details. The wall is full of supermodel images and videotapes, playing video of the Victoria secret fashion show.
Although there will be more fans than Vitoria’s biggest fans, they hope more purple furniture, there is also a turning point in Dublin: “store design” is unique to Dublin to get a new level of sex. The fascination and charm of the seamless integration of the front is the embodiment of the original medieval characters, “a spokesman said.
Even if you have never been involved in a secret store in Vitoria, its good reputation is ahead of it. The brand has made billions of dollars around the world by selling brightly coloured bra and turning its fashion show into annual TV play.
The company has a group of “angel”, a group of selected representatives including Bella Hadid and supermodel Josephine Skriva; Heidi Klum, Gisele B and Naomi Campbell Angels are also ndchen. They sit in a Victoria Secret lingerie show, such as the weeknd of Rhianna and Harry Styles.
From the usual position of the United States or Europe, it shows that it was held in Shanghai this year, the 33 billion lingerie market and brand entry into Asia for the first time in China.
The program is a plagued problem and even an angel in front of the angel. Katy Perry, the main actor, refused her visa a few days before the show and had to be replaced. The same thing happened to jiggi Hadid. Four Victoria’s Secret Models – Irnia Sharipova, Dasha Khlystun, Kate Grigorieva, and Julia Belyakova – supposedly denying the files they need. Rumors about red tape, strict censorship and postponement of tickets a few days before the start of the game.
But the performance must continue, it is full of gravity against the wings, and push up the bra covered with crystal. More than a group of light hours, thin models like Taylor Hill, Alanna Arrington and Romee Strijd power show more than 6 million 500 thousand viewers around the world.
Although diversity has been in 2017 of the buzzwords, for the size tolerant, slow moving fashion industry, the secret model of Victoria seems to be obviously lacking in any sample size model. Ashley Graham — just launched Forbes is the world’s highest earning model list, let her first add the size of the model to get the ranking of position — tried the Victoria’s Secret curve model. After Instagram, she wrote in her underwear and wings along the runway, “my wings!” Thickthighssavelives suit underwear  “.
In the other, the representative of the mobile – driven fashion industry, plus the size of the model tabria, began to recreate the Victoria’s Secret ads earlier this month.
“Maybe I will be the Secret Angel of Vitoria to become Halloween this year, because it is not in real life, ha ha,” she wrote, and her Instagram Title took place, showing a side-by-side shot of her and the photos of her suit underwear   activities.
The brand does not seem to support the diversity of the breasts. Despite the growing demand for bust, the women without brassiere are choosing DDD.
But can we look forward to the shops in Dublin from the point of view of the shopping?
Although you may not magically turn into one of Vitoria’s Secret Angel when you fall into the breast increased underwear bras and underwear, you can get your hands on a huge array of underwear, bra from the bomb, it will immediately add two cup size dream angel collection, this is finished in lace. Underwear range is equally impressive, from shorties, which is basically a big underpants, with cheekies and hiphuggers. There are also casual clothes, pajamas and beauty products. The signature smell includes very sexy and disgraceful.
The price difference of bottling underwear is from Marks & Spencer and high-end brands such as Myla, Victoria’s Secret accusation is very high, street price is more than that of everyday suit underwear  lovers.




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