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Flash in your glamour model KFC heiress selling diamonds plus size bodystocking cost by 1 million 400 thousand… And Kardashian is a customer

 plus size bodystocking
Kaila Methven’s grandfather set up rainbow chicken limited, a South African company who provided almost all the Colonel’s poultry.

Inheriting her part of the Empire, it is sold at 1991, a sexy business that turns luxurious plus size bodystocking to the designer and charismatic model born at the age of 18 LA.

Now 26 year old plus size bodystocking design gold decorations, Tahiti pearls, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, this is a hand in Beverly Hills, studying at the Paris international fashion institute.

He specializes in online printing, Kaila said: “the price is usually $20000 (by 14000) and several million (by 1 million 400 thousand), depending on the needs of customers.

“If you want a 1.5 carat diamond, you want pink and a whole bra to cover it, and maybe there will be a tight bra for more than 300 diamonds.

“I came up with the idea of a night, like my friends and me, you know, why don’t we put the big pearls in this t-pants? Who cares about the cloth? ‘

“Love of love” takes about eight months to come true. I have to find the best diamond suppliers and find contact. ”

Kaila thinks that its scope is one of the most expensive in the world, and says it may take between three and eight weeks to design her range.

Her works are Demi Lovato, Katherine McPhee, Abigail Latchford, a charming model, even Kardashian — though she keeps silent.

And she recently designed a diamond plus size bodystocking set of a princess and her works appeared on the cover of the American weekly and on the page of the playboy.

Kaila, who is in FHM and Maxim, imitates, “I’m still thinking about whether I want to be a playboy. I have been accepted many times.

“I have been to the yuan magazine FHM. I’m a charismatic model. ”
 plus size bodystocking

But life is not always so attractive as a heiress, when her mother died, Kaila was 14 – meaning that she had to move to Paris and her father in Tunisia.

“My father thought I did a good job,” she said. I wouldn’t tell a lie. He called me like “take that picture down”! But he was proud of me. He was crying.

“When I won the IBA prize for international best designer, when he saw me on the cover of the magazine, he was like ‘that’s my daughter’.

“My father is not from a privileged family. My mother is a privileged class. I had been poor until I was 18.

“I think,” he said, “as a model for a lingerie, his father’s real dream is not his daughter. But he has a sense of pride that his daughter has done it. ”

It was in Paris that Kayla came into contact with her sexual orientation and developed her love for plus size bodystocking.

She added, “I’ll go to Moulin Rouge. I like an elegant display – Dita Von Teese, Pamela Anderson, I won’t miss a show.

I just think it’s elegant, their clothes and clothes.

But most of all, when I was a teenager, I fell in love with a Frenchman. I’m going to buy the most expensive plus size bodystocking, and I’ll show it to me.

“I’ll make it a complete holiday. I can do a striptease. It begins with most sex, but we fall in love. We finally got a date for a moment.

“When I first went online, Losangeles was very attractive to me. I was very sad after breaking up. I just moved to States.”

“I’m like I’m in Losangeles, no friends, no family, start again.” let’s do it. I’ve always been interested in plus size bodystocking.

“This is about the empowerment of women and their sexual orientation. I hope that every woman can feel beautiful in all possible ways.

“What I offer is an exclusive sexual experience, and I hope every woman can feel it.”

Kaila has four lines – from the custom designed worship and high-end La fox, let her lbkm, the range of affordable, cost between 7-28 t (10-40).

She shares everything from the bra handcuffs and tassels to the nipple, while the size of the plus size bodystocking is XXS to XXL (you can be in the store).

When she did not work day and night to make her career successful, Kaila liked her boyfriend for nearly a year.

“I think it’s because I was so sensitive to my sex life when I was young, so I like to wear plus size bodystocking,” she said. I like the idea, it can be traced back to real Adam and Eve.




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