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Read the “career counseling” column of Phil Blair in the Trade Union Forum last Monday, which provides guidance to job seekers. He complains about what those unprepared people answer to the question “what kind of job are you looking for”? It’s too frequent, “I don’t know.”

I think, if I were such an applicant, my answer would never be so vague, but I think Mr. Blair might still be unhappy with my answer.

That’s because, if I want to be completely honest, I’ll tell him that my first task is to find a job I have to do as little as I can. In fact, if he had a position and my task was nothing to do, I would be very eager to apply.

I know a lot of people think that people are lazy, lazy, lack of a sense of dedication, but I assure you that these qualities, not suitable for me, I have been very hard to do what work.

In fact, few people can do as well as I do. Oh, of course, some people may sit for one or two hours, but they must get up, mowing, washing, or what. It wasn’t me。 I have nothing to do all day. Talk about dedication.

Admittedly, the job I’m looking for is not easy to get. However, here, I would like to write this article that I sit in my plus size bodystocking to take home a Italy sausage sandwich and hops.

It can be said that when I grew up, I began to realize these ambitious aspirations and realized that I was facing great challenges.
plus size bodystocking

Get married first. What I am pursuing is the three qualities I have to spend in my life: she should be learned, lovely, and burdened.

I accounted for two of three people.

This means I have to find a job. Unfortunately, no job is to accept plus size bodystocking according to their plus size bodystocking code.

Then, three children appeared. I don’t know where they come from. This means that I have to work longer than expected. But eventually, they became adult adults. It should have turned into more time to fight back, but then eight grandchildren appeared. I don’t know where they come from.

“What are you going to do this weekend?” My son will ask.

“We’re watching your brother’s child,” I usually answer.

“Well, if we add three, maybe you don’t mind,” he said.

My wife is calling to see our grandchildren, even if they don’t train all the pinurs, no one wants to watch the playoffs. In this quiet life I look for the whole house that is still shelved and the grandson is unfettered.

“I have to write a column,” I said to my wife.

“Put on your pants,” she murmured.




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