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Halifax – this Valentine’s day, the latest parents may fantasize about a whole night’s sleep – not sexy back to the bedroom.

Crying newborns, postpartum pain, endless breastfeeding and pure exhaustion will make the sex concept of a husband and wife seem odd after birth.

Now, I hope the universal problem to solve new parents, researchers in Halifax have launched a new campaign, called after the baby.

“We tend to focus on things that inspire desire. “Even Valentine’s day, there’s a date night or sexy lingerie,” said Natalie Rosen, an associate professor of psychology at the Dalhousie University.

“We want to know what will incite these flames,” she said, “but we also need to consider what interferes with the desire.” You can have a date night to buy sexy plus size bodystocking, but if the baby cries in the next room, or if you know that you will not sleep all night, it won’t let you go that far.

After years of sexual research, Rosen is sharing her findings, though he held a group discussion on Monday in the Central Library of Halifax, and has a new website, including research, new parents’ resources and a series of videos.

The short movie tells about the key issues related to postpartum sex, such as the sexual problems of parents, sexual changes, sexual interests, understanding or lack of sex, and what’s good for them in the bedroom.

A considerable amount of data shows that the mother’s sexual function has fallen during this period. Rosen said, “the desire to fall, the pain increased during sexual intercourse.” But the father’s point of view – and the fact that there is a sexual relationship between the two people – has been ignored.
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She said it was designed to regulate the sexual relationship between new and expected parents and to open channels of communication between husband and wife and health care providers.

Most doctors and midwives will discuss sexual problems with their new parents in infancy, but Rosen said that discussions are usually limited to “wait for six weeks and use contraception.”

“The two most common thing is that when you can start having sex again, even if you are breastfeeding, you can still get pregnant,” Rosen said, who has crossed offices in Department of Obstetrics and gynecology in IWK health center.

However, although Rosen’s research shows that 90% of couples recover from sexual intercourse within three months after delivery, she says 1/3 of mothers and half of their fathers say they are not satisfied.

In fact, a study of more than 250 couples in the north of the United States showed that 90% couples reported sexual problems after they had finished their children.

“It’s everywhere. “These problems are in the mind of most parents,” Rosen said, a clinical psychologist who focused on sex and husband and wife treatment in a private clinic.

I was shocked by the universality of sexual relations, considering that no one was talking about it.

Two parents are worried about how often they have sex, and if changes in the body, including a change in the body’s body image, will affect their sexual  plus size bodystocking life.

Mothers are also worried about the effects of fatigue and physical recovery, while fathers are worried about the so-called desire differences and mood swings between their partners.

The biggest problem, Rosen says, is that couples don’t talk about their feelings or register each other.

“Maybe your breasts are not as sexy as they used to be, because they are also the source of your baby’s food, and you don’t want them to be affected,” she said. Your partner won’t know, unless you share it with them, if you don’t do that, there may be some resentment or some discomfort.

Meanwhile, Rosen said that those who reported the greater empathy of the two yuan — or the ability to understand and share their partner’s feelings — reported higher sex and relationship satisfaction.

If you try to see problems from a partner’s perspective, you might say, “Wow, my partner wakes up three times a night, and they look really tired, and I care about them.” Maybe I’ll let her sleep. “The changes in these behaviors can promote connection and desire,” she said.




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