When Kendall and Kylie Jenner release a set, we know.
It’s the case that Kendall + Kylie puts any, droptwo, dropthree or even swimsuit series. The social blitz ignited the publicity films posted by second girls, making it hard to miss. So, when the famous combination of suit underwear, available in Topshop, quietly appeared on Wednesday, did not have a high-profile publicity or notice on the social accounts of young women, we all question the integrity of the line.

suit underwear
Are Kendall and Kylie concerned about this line? Is it for someone else?
Then we looked at the collection, and any lingering doubts soon vanished. We can even say that this is the latest version of the best sister jenna. Why? In short, they are.
“‘beautiful underwear shouldn’t be completely hidden under the clothes,” Kendall said, looking forward to their underwear Kylie Jenner. Inspired by the sister’s iconic personal style, the design of the work is designed to make its own statement, “Topshop described on its website.”
This collection is not very large, because the retailer’s affordable (Comparative designer) price point or endorsement by Kardashian konglomerate. This is the most in the 37 set works look like sisters dressed in real life, not in the magazine, in the promotion or brand promotion activities, but on the street, in a post on Instagram, when their real (though exaggerated) relates to and inspire our own. That’s all the glamour of that famous family, isn’t it?
This is not to say that Kendall and Kylie’s other collections do not reflect their personal style, and there are several products that we can see and see suit underwear wearing. But we can’t admit that underwear outerwear does not lend itself to the biggest supporter of the two trends. How many times have we seen Kendall in a lace bra with a structured jacket or distressed T-shirt? Or Wang Kaili in sports bra waist bottom and Instagram? You can thank the entire Kardshian Jenner family for 2016 heating.
This set feels the most like them. There’s nothing they can’t wear. How do we know? Keep scrolling and see similar styles before they’ve worn it.




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