Kim Kardashian broke the Internet in 2014, when she showed off her peach blossom world, a paper magazine naked cover story.
Reclaiming her title, Jennifer Lopez followed the Vegas problem she had earlier this year, almost without ShowGirl clothing magazines.
But it seems that filming is even more warming than fans imagine, as a behind the scenes video just released the JLo light set.
Give her 69 million 300 thousand people a lifetime gift, 48 years old share short, her dazzling cover story, Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram movie.
Make sure her fans pay attention to her, and she writes, “follow me now.” The labels next to “Vegas”, “I” and “Vegas” are strong”.
At the beginning of the warming sequence, one of the two mothers walked up the stairs, wearing only the lenses that passed through the underwear.
Flashing her whole booty in a fragile chain, Jennifer left behind what imagined her unbridled embrace of her birthday dress.

suit underwear
The American Beauty hangs an overcoat on her arm, and she will show her curves when she turns her face to the camera.
In another scene, the girl swapped her expectant styling, her long hair together, dressed in black bras and suit underwear .
The housewife who led her in despair, when she looked at her shoulder, could see the washing machine had a siren on it.
Sexy and Latin beauty wearing a star studded whole black suit underwear  , including neckline and fishnet stockings.
A careless about dressing display, body confidence baby grabbed her chest wet hands constantly.
Looking for every inch of Las Vegas girl, she made a shiny silver, an elaborate headdress.
In a nod to her hometown, New York, a singer named Jenny from Vegas stands on a simulated subway train.
In fact, this is the naked skin video that fans praise, and there are nearly 1 million 500 thousand of them in less than a day.




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