plus size bodystocking

YCHESCODE, a girl’s tide underwear brand from South Korea, recently developed two “Yes or No” luminous plus size bodystocking to creatively incorporate fluorescence into fabrics and textiles, transforming ordinary fabric into an engaging Underwear products. This series of white daytime cup display Cup print letter “NO”, the night after turning off the light source cup “YES” fluorescence issued; blue paragraph is no light conditions, the shoulder strap or waist elastic “YES” will have a fluorescence effect .

The black tech underwear market, in the domestic underwear market aroused strong concern with the rapid growth of the concept of female consumption after 90, underwear market will face a reform, a new era they do not like “aunt” underwear, underwear for the Focus is no longer “gather” “collect milk”, but also aesthetic, understand themselves, with fun. March 7 00:00 “Yes or No” luminous underwear whole network starting.

And really cause China’s underwear market concern, not a luminous plus size bodystocking this product, and the times behind it changes. According to “2016-2022 China underwear industry in-depth research and future prospects forecast report” released by the Institute of Consulting, including the leading sales of domestic underwear, ancient and modern, love, Man Nifen and other domestic market, totaling only 10% of the total market share, The low share of market share is not scary.

plus size bodystocking

What is horrible is that the growth of China’s underwear market is slow and can not keep up with the aesthetic growth of young girls. For those who have grown up after 90, 95, emphasizing the practicality of underwear, just need has become less important, and even no longer think that the concept of right, turned into girls, personality, the concept of natural underwear in.

Founded in 2004 in South Korea YESCODE, the flagship girl tide plus size bodystocking, with original design and exquisite craftsmanship, loved by 20 generations of Korean girls, the line has rapidly expanded to more than 1,000 stores, are located in major cities in the A-level Business district. Stationed in the Chinese market in just one year, quickly accumulate 140,000 fans guest base.

YESCODE was not the first to attempt 12 years after its innovative design like “Yes or No Luminous Underwear.” YESCODE lingerie UV function, breathable and other functions of the atmosphere of science and technology research and development status, equivalent to the style, popular elements, including the theme design. Because YESCODE understands the aesthetic preference of 90 girls, comfortable and healthy fashion interesting, these elements are indispensable.

Since March 2017 YESCODE stationed in the Chinese market, as many as a year since the voice stressed that the Chinese underwear market needs reform, and personally try various efforts in plus size bodystocking, hoping to make their own young girls break through the traditional concepts, from Within the beginning to emphasize their own independent aesthetic needs, choose the best-looking underwear is a particularly formal and worthwhile thing.




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