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INTIMASIA 2018 has become Asia’s groundbreaking fashion trade show dedicated to personal clothing. The event held from March 8th to 10th made this industry leader stand out in the Adlux International Convention and Exhibition Center in Ernakulam, Kochi.

The event made its debut in the fastest-growing industry in India’s intimate apparel industry, where plus size bodystocking, casual wear, pajamas, styling, socks and stockings blend together. This is a fascinating fashion show, exhibition, talk show and brand, meeting place for retailers and all possible industry stakeholders.

This is a platform that brings all stakeholders together under one roof.
INTIMASIA is the annual event. With the support of the Indian Underwear Association (IAAI), this three-day event is the country’s largest trade event this year.

At an annual rate of 15%, the estimated value is 245 billion US dollars, and personal clothing is a booming industry and is expected to increase further in the future. In this regard, Kerala is the fastest growing market, which is a key factor in the activities held in Kochi. With a literacy rate of 94% and a per capita income of Rs 1,968,842, Kerala is India’s most brand-conscious country.

The average daily sales of personal clothing in Kerala is approximately Rs.
 plus size bodystocking
53,143, making the value of the personal clothing industry more than 500 billion rupees.

INTIMASIA 2018 purchased retail giants, trading partners and potential investors together. The United States featured Polo, Hanes, FCUK, Fruit of the Loom, and other brands, which demonstrated its budding and established Indian and international brands.

With a market share of over Rs 250 billion, the appearance of these brands marks the broad and profitable aspects of the plus size bodystocking industry. In particular, with the brands such as FCUK and Loom that Rupa and Co. have acquired, the intimate apparel industry in India is diversifying and expanding.

Rupa’s acquisition of these brands will certainly lead to pan-Indian markets and the distribution of these luxury brands.

Most of these liaisons and partnerships are generated and nurtured at the event. INTIMASIA brings some of the best fashion stylists, bloggers, designers and underwear models to show their work on the ramp.

“INTIMASIA will revolutionize India’s intimate apparel industry and India has become a hidden industry. It will help accelerate the development of the industry by organizing it.” Yusuf Dohadwala, organizer and CEO of Indian Underwear Apparel Association (IAAI) Say.




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