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Jacinda Ardern has begun handling morning vomiting, and Donald Trump’s views on issues such as selfies for women and suit underwear  fans.

Photo of the Prime Minister published a story on the gender pay gap in the country on the top page of the British Guardian newspaper.

She was quoted as saying, “I have 16 weeks of morning sickness. No one knows… Many people are struggling in their daily lives. Their colleagues will never know, and I happen to be one of them.”

Aden said that in one story, pregnancy is a reminder that there is a life other than the Prime Minister.

“But I think the beauty of the children, at least I know this is true for my family, because they draw you away from that and give you a broader perspective. I have been working hard for several meetings. I am very focused on a problem and I will get a clear effect in my chest. It is this small reminder that there are other things happening in my life. ”

She also opened her “normal life” and said she still drives her own place.

“I didn’t think it was very interesting to have a good time with the police officers. But I still drive, I still cook, not very often, but just last week, I really thought I wanted to make my mom. One of the old recipes – so I did, I still go to our local department store to buy pregnant women jeans and other things, this is what others can not do for me.

“When you try to store something in an old person who wants to take a selfie, it would be a bit embarrassing to stop in the middle of the suit underwear  part… but I wouldn’t let this prevent me from trying to do normal things because that’s when When I interact with people, it is best not to wear underwear.

“Even if you go out and drink milk, it will be a little challenging, because it will come to me with such a simple thing anytime and anywhere, so I tend to try and find some ways that will not cause inconvenience to the entire person. It changes my mind a little. ”

When asked about Trump’s treatment of women, she said: “What I do know is that this is something that I can control and feel responsible for, and I know that I feel comfortable, so when we describe women for me, It’s just how I like to be treated. I want to talk about how I would like my mother to be treated and talked about. This is the lens I apply.

“Can’t change how other people behave,” she said.

Aden also told the Guardian that she hoped her country would become a republic in her lifetime.

“When I was asked for advice, I think that in my lifetime, I think we might be able to make a transition, but this is not a government priority.”




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