How about your corset collection? Normally, our Spanx will wear a lot, so it’s important to refresh the drawer from time to time. If you have been wearing the same weight-loss shorts for years, then the holiday season is in full swing and now is the best time to invest in new shoes. Why are you asking? Old corsets tend to lose shape and do not provide the same level of support, especially after multiple washes.

When you wear a slim holiday dress and skirt (and indulge in amazing food), you are likely to come into contact with the body shaper for smoothness and support. Of course, the market for corsets is huge, so we turned to one of our top retailers – Nordstrom – to find the best corsets and hone three of the most popular styles: shorts, underwear and tights. Ready to wash your shabby pieces? Read on to see and buy a comprehensive report of the body shapers we must have.

Shaping shorts

short wonmen shapewear

“These are my favorite Spanx so far. I have tried other people, but I always go back to them. They put everything in without feeling uncomfortable, and I think they also give you the spoils. Come up with a good little lift.”

“I have never worn or purchased Spanx before, and I am surprised by these. They get up very tight, but they are comfortable once they start. I like the length of the legs because I have curves of the thighs. I am worried that they roll and gather, But so far they have not.”

“It did the job! Smoothed my problem area and rose in the abdomen, so there was no muffin top. I will buy it again.”

“After trying a lot of different body sculpting over the years, I was skeptical about Shape Away. I am happy to say that this shaper not only helps shape my body, but also is comfortable to wear! I like it!”

“Like this! Perfect under my festive dress!”




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