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We all desire a more comfortable life.

This is why sports and leisure – formerly just another compelling portmanteau to describe those who specialize in Lululemon – have changed from the Primrose Hill brunch spot fixture to a completely legal word in the dictionary.

No wonder. After all, when luxury leggings abound, why not wear a brunch of hard jeans?

Or when the Reebok Classics feels like a stretch sole, it can even withstand the pain of a gentle heel?

This dedication to planning a more relaxed life extends to the following content, and more women choose to perform daily business with the support of a sports bra. This proof is not only reflected in the locker room of your local gym, but also includes the sacred hall of M&S suit underwear.

The high street hero sells more than 20 million bras and 60 million pair of trousers each year, and has a wealth of knowledge about our little shoes. So it reveals that its current best-selling style is a full-cup, wireless-moving little number that doesn’t look inappropriate on a yoga mat.

“Soozie Jenkinson, Brand Underwear Designer, said:” As the only field in the gym, modern sports bras have now become the bra that many women choose to become their favorite daily or weekend fashion style. “He added that in the past year, the growth rate of stockings has reached 40%. “They combine innovative technical design, providing amazing support and ergonomic sports style. ”

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This important new season style is available in black, khaki and white, and is produced by the popularity of Bralette – this is a light lace lounge lover. The style is often very large, but it is essentially lacking. “Jenkinson said:” Our hat is very popular, but because we sell a lot of bras to meet the needs of different age groups and different sizes, so every product we develop must provide support and good shape for the G cup. This allows customers who are accustomed to wearing T-shirt bras over the past decade to be confident to buy a bra-like look. “

Uniqlo is another brand that offers unadorned suit underwear  on the street. The newly launched wireless relaxing bra at this Japanese chain is a master of super soft streamlined mould cups. It is a top style, comfortable enough to sleep, and structured enough to allow buses to walk in the park.

Cut out from its breathable AIRism fabric, any wires, hooks, or adjusters have been replaced by ultrasonically bonded structures that are seamlessly invisible, while large elastic shoulder straps can withstand shoulder loads. The brand also offers a series of lively and seamless bras that are printed in a variety of bright colors and can actually be printed with a few exercises.

Gap’s style-conscious fit range offers a range of life-friendly sports bra styles, from low to high impact, and features four-way stretch, moisture wicking fabric and flatlock contour seams to eliminate any chance of bruising – At HIIT Topshop’s so-called Sporty Wellness Bra stand out from the simple lace triangles and push-ups. Its loose jersey fabric and secure undercut wear make it stand out from the crowd.

The Activewear brand Silou also specializes in stylish bar-to-sport bras in practical neutral tones, including the best-selling Audrey works, which features a strikingly asymmetrical back. “We designed the bra not only for the studio, but also for the ‘life apparel’ – everyday items that can be worn on the outside of the gym every day,” said founder Tatiana Kovylina, who is Victoria’s secret model, and the three mothers’ The mother wore this scoop – cut Cindy style as a replacement for nursing bras, and CEO and yoga teacher Phoebe Greenacre made Chloe Crop ready for daily essentials.

Also top is the Sydney sports brand The Upside, which specializes in the production of low-cut sports bras that are ideal for hiding under work shirts – thanks to their fast-drying SPF30 fabric, both bikini tops are double-layered, while PE Nation’s street Popular sportswear can be extended to a series of underwear style crops, because the following things are important.




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