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Photo of Paris Jackson rock red bra and suit underwear in bathtub, saying she’s ‘sorry’, eating ‘spooky’ candy

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Paris Jackson recovered from the wild 20th birthday carnival, stripped her suit underwear and sat in a flower-filled bathtub. She also ate some foreign chocolate, went out with her dog, and listened to several classic records. However, it seems that someone (or a few people) makes it difficult for the daughter of the popular legend Michael Jackson to enjoy a relaxing day at home.

On Sunday, Paris Jackson shared two bizarre Instagram photos. In the snapshot, she sits in a bathtub full of white and pink roses. She wore a red bra and matching lace underwear with a shy look on her face. Her lipstick and eye makeup were smeared and it looked like she might have tears on her cheeks. Paris did not explain whether the picture was a candid shot or part of a photo shoot. It simply labeled her Instagram slide. “I’m sorry.”

According to E report! News, Paris Jackson celebrated his birthday party at HYDE Sunset in West Hollywood on Friday night at the age of 20. According to W Magazine, a person who was apparently missing from a celebrity guest who participated in the carnival was the model and actor Cara Delevingne. Paris and Kara shot a kiss a few weeks ago.

After a fierce confrontation with Paris Hilton and Chris Brown, Jackson seemed to decide to take a break from her birthday weekend. She spends her time Sunday at home with her dog and listening to her impressive vinyl record collection. Classic rock lovers share some of these photos, including the albums of the Beatles, John Lennon, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mack, James Taylor, and Van Haren.

In her Instagram story, Paris Jackson revealed that one of her birthday presents was some “weird” candy. In a series of videos, she is in some popular British and Australian candy bars including Crunchie, Violet Crumble and Curly Wurly.

“I didn’t realize what a bizarre candy from another country would be,” she said before taking a bite of Crunchie. “My Newcastle friend bought me these for my birthday.”

After taking a bit of violet, Jackson was shocked by the taste. She exclaimed: “Sacred!” Then she asked her followers to find out the filling of candy suit underwear (this is a honeycomb taffy. ). She revealed that the favorite candy bar she has tried is Curly Wurly.

In another video, Paris Jackson, after introducing the audience to a friend who ended his friendship with social media, breathed a sigh of relief from the glass tube. She also sang a song “How many people are sucking.” It is unclear whether she remembered the above friends when she was singing.

“But it’s cool because I have my dog ​​here and she’s great,” said Paris.

The post-birthday Instagram video of the Paris Jackson series also provided her fans with some suggestions.

“When something happens to you, go back and ask yourself, if you try your hardest,” she said to the camera. “If you do this, then you have nothing to feel bad.”




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