Rita Ora recently woke up in Las Vegas, and she didn’t prepare clothes for her Sin City show. Instead, the 27-year-old “girly” singer sits in front of the mirror and wears only flesh-colored underwear.

On Friday, Rita Ora took Instagram and wished her 13.6 million fans a passionate snapshot of the morning. In the image, a bare Ora sits on a dressing table with a lot of cosmetics scattered in front of her. Fifty-degree gray stars wear a nude bra and a pair of high-waisted briefs. They look seamless, and the plain underwear straps show the back of Ora.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Ora is currently preparing for her performance at the GO Pool Dayclub at The Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. She went to Las Vegas yesterday and she will fly back to Manchester immediately after the show, so she can perform at the Hits Radio Live concert on the Manchester Arena on Saturday.

Ora fans will definitely look forward to seeing the clothes she wears for the Sin City show. She would rock on an outdoor stage packed near the pool ready to party, so she hoped she would wear a bikini.

Rita may tease the ‘n’ wild outfit she is going to wear in her Instagram story. In a photo of her hotel, she wore a leopard print one-piece swimsuit with high-waisted sides and a different swimsuit to show a tan line.

“These tan lines are real,” she gave the title to the snapshot.

Rita Ora may be wearing a bikini or an exposed one-piece swimsuit very comfortable. Some recent “PROUD” singers’ recent social media snapshots provide sufficient evidence that she has no reservations about showing off her body. Before she flew to Las Vegas, Ora shared a slideshow of her lingerie’s more sexy photos with her favorite Instagram fans. In that set of images, she is wearing a flight suit. However, she partially untied her bright red paratrooper jumpsuit, revealing a black black bra.

Go to Las Vegas for 24 hours. Back to Manchester on weekends?

On Tuesday, Rita showed off her figure in a different red dress. As Inquisitr reported earlier, she was taking a photo with Rimmel London, when she decided to let her Instagram fans look at her exposed dress, which was impressive except for a lace red leotard. Curves such as cling film.

So what is the secret of Rita Ora, whether it’s naked underwear or red underwear, it looks incredible and confident no matter what you wear? Unfortunately, it seems that it is not as easy as Rita; the singer exercises every day and puts a lot of time and energy into her body. However, she told SHAPE that she was not worried about her waist size or the number of numbers.

“I didn’t start trying to make myself thinner – I started to try to make myself feel better. And I think it’s very important for women to know this. Don’t be obsessed with thinness,” Ola said. “You have to be healthy, healthy and strong. I like my shape because it is very curved. I have thighs. I wear jeans for 28 yards. This is an average normal size. I am very proud that I am normal.”




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