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Comedian David Cross, who played his own photo in the Mormon Temple costume after pushing the University of Utah, faced strong opposition

The comedian who will perform at the University of Utah this week faces serious and strong opposition – including accusations of religious prejudice and asking the school to cancel his performance – and he tweeted on Twitter the photos of his costume in the Mormon Temple.

David Cross posted the ad on social media on Saturday afternoon with a ticket and slogan “Utah! Learn the truth!” He was portrayed as a sacred underwear standing outside a dressing room, a devout member of the Jewish faith Wear it every day.

This photo was adapted from Cross’s sitcom “Arrested Development”, in which the character’s red underwear was replaced by a white two-piece suit.

The United States quickly replied to this article, which has a GIF that reflects Cross’s tweets. Then it deleted the reply and apologized.

“We are sorry that we did not immediately see the connection with the LDS faith in this tweet. It took a minute to understand the response to our GIF, but thank our community for pointing out,” the school wrote on Twitter. “Our answer is to respond to David Cross’s performance on campus and is not going to offend.”

More than 100 commenters responded to Cross’s original post, saying the information was “very offensive” and “unscented.” Many people accuse them of frustration with the United States and ask the school to cancel the performance at the Kingsbury Concert Hall on Wednesday. State Senator Deidre Henderson, R-Spanish Fork, wrote: “Religious prejudice has never been funny. I was shocked that U’s U sponsored this hatred and intolerance.”

“Your U can do better,” another person responded. “Cancel the show because David Cross should not profit from hateful and disrespectful information.”

Despite this, some commentators defended the event as a freedom of speech. Some pointed out that despite the counterattacks by the opponents, the United States allowed conservative commentator Ben Shapiro to speak on campus in September.

“We recognize the right to freedom of expression for individuals and entities renting university facilities – even those who we disagree with. By doing so, we protect the right to freedom of expression for all,” US President Ruth Watkins on Sunday Respond in a statement.

In this case, the United States is renting a Cross’show facility, which is produced by an external promoter.

“The University of Utah condemns any form of prejudice and religious intolerance,” Watkins continued. “The offensive use of sacred religious images in David Cross’s tweets at Kingsbury Hall is in opposition to the values ​​of respect and inclusiveness of the university…. At the same time, the First Amendment protects such statements, and universities cannot and will not review the content of those who come to school.”

A spokesperson for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints refused to comment.




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