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Today is National Underwear Day, the WWOZ-FM radio station in New Orleans recorded this occasion through a wonderful video of the city’s International Underwear Day celebrations in 2016:

It should be observed that underwear covers almost all types of music. Bella Bartok is wearing underwear. The same is true of Sarah Vaughan. The same is true of the legendary tango singer Carlos Gardel. I can go on. Of course, it is possible (I imagine) that some music legends occasionally don’t wear underwear (see Ludwig von Beethoven and Roland Kirk). But their negligence represents an exception to prove this rule. Therefore, Happy National Underwear Day will mix high-level people and everyone.

The Chicago Sun Times bid farewell to the upcoming retired music host, Carl Grapentine, who played a 22-year driving time classic on WFMT-FM.

Columnist Laura Washington recalls: “He combines familiar esoterics and provides small lectures on the history and origins of music.” “Karl will play a cute role and tell me about it. I will write notes. I The apartment is full of pieces of music about beautiful music, filled with drawers, documents and sofa cushions.”

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Chicago is arguably the second most important classical music city in the United States (the first in New York City). Theodore Thomas positioned himself as the first major classical symphony conductor in the United States. Thomas also completely changed the concept of classical music in the 1890s, redefining this type as a “serious” form of music.

The heritage still exists with us. Laura Washington praised Grapentine for playing his radio show. “I am not a classical music expert,” she wrote. “Carl Grapentine made me a classical music lover.” The gilded era of Chicago played an important role in promoting the idea (or at least the feeling) of having to enjoy the “experts” of classical music. I am not sure this is a bragging point, but it is a historical fact.

Grapentine will be replaced by Dennis Moore on Monday. I hope that Mr. Moore will continue to save the audience so that they do not have to have some kind of expertise to hate Debussy.




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