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Earlier this month, Rachel Hundley, a 35-year-old woman, worked at the Sonoma City Council in California and is currently running for re-election. She received an anonymous email asking her to withdraw from the competition. The sender called her “immoral and immoral” and included a link to a now-dissolved website called “Rachel Hundley Exposed”, which contained Hundley’s social burning man in her bra and underwear. Media materials. Her friend told her to ignore it. Instead, Hendry chose to openly respond and post a four-and-a-half-minute YouTube video, saying she would not be quit by “swearing”.

“I was threatened by an anonymous coward,” Hendry said in a video released last week. She said the e-mail “is simply extortion” and also posted a screenshot of the news, saying that her history is “very disturbing” and said: “Sonoma needs what our children can see. Moral and ethical leadership, our community can believe. You have no measures.”

“What’s particularly disturbing in this #MeToo era is that I’m trying to humiliate me to celebrate my body and to be a burning man,” she said. “In the last few years of burning people, I volunteered to manage a famous Wine Bar, the wine bar is associated with camps that focus on consent and gender-positive themes.”

Hendry went on to say that the site was allegedly created by a group called “Sonoma Peace and Co-Citizenship” and relied entirely on “unfounded accusations and humiliating” and that “the purpose is to scare me.” Silence, another strong female voice, made me afraid of this election and refused your right to make a choice.”

As the Washington Post pointed out, although every politician must deal with critics and trolls, female candidates are more likely than male candidates because they are often subjected to “extremely humiliating or sexually harassed images.” distribution.

Jennifer Lawless, a professor at the University of Virginia who studies the intersection, said: “Whether it’s awkward or trying to humiliate a woman, because she’ve done sex-related things in the past, this activity is still more for women than for men. More.” Gender and politics told the Post. “Using a woman’s sexual orientation is seen as a way to undermine its credibility and undermine its experience.”

However, this strategy does not work for Hendry. “I am here today to tell me those bullies who don’t show up. I can’t be ashamed because I am not ashamed,” she said.




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