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I have tried the new line of women’s underwear from the popular sportswear company Athleta – it has a lot of difference in comfort during exercise.

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No one likes to wear uncomfortable underwear, but this discomfort is not as horrible as when you exercise. Even if you think that these shoes are suitable for everyday wear, the feeling will change quickly when you move your body to different angles and speeds in the gym or studio.

Athleta has created a new Performance Underwear collection, and anyone who has an active lifestyle wants to stock in her drawer instead of letting this small piece of fabric take you from the temper to the yoga process or the fastest one. mile.

The collection is made up of three different fabrics – Incognita, Performa and Natura – each fabric is optimized for different types of activities. Incognita is best for yoga and Pilates, Performa for high-intensity workouts, and Natura for everyday wear.

Women wearing specific sports bras, tights, shorts, tops and shoes, optimized for specific activities, are surprising and therefore very popular. Athleta is one of the few mainstream sportswear brands offering performance-oriented underwear.

I have tried my comfortable underwear, but I still often find that I want it to be lighter, more hygroscopic, and less invasive when I exercise. If you run, lift, spin or basically engage in any intense activity, and your sweating and heart rate are rising, Performa underwear is what you should wear under your clothes. Designed in bikini or thong style, this slightly stretchy undergarment is made from sweat-wicking, quick-drying and lightweight mesh nylon. Although it feels ultra-light, the glued seams keep it safe and close to your body, so you don’t have to interrupt your workout to re-adjust your underwear.

For yogis, Incognita underwear is my favorite underwear, because its free-cut edge makes it almost invisible under yoga tights and tights. Again, it’s lightweight, sweat-absorbent, but has a unique central back seam to prevent it from slipping when you change posture. Incognita fabrics are available in high waist, bikini and thong styles.

Finally, Athleta combines 100% organic cotton with an inconspicuous lace pattern to make it soft, elastic, and seamless Natura bikini and thong. The comfortable Natura style is ideal for routine, low-impact activities (such as walking) that you perform outside of your workout. Wearing Natura underwear to work, going home on weekends, or participating in social activities will not feel incompatible.

My experience with Athleta high-performance underwear has convinced me that more fitness brands should create underwear for an active lifestyle and match existing shorts and tights. The idea of ​​”performance underwear” didn’t make sense before I actually tried it. Now, when I know that I need a distracted workout, Athleta is my first goal. This is a simple but immediately noticeable switch.




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