Why is a 20-year-old car a beater and a 40-year-old car classic? This is the same car. The car has not changed at all – the only change is its age.

When I was in high school, I drove an embarrassing old car. Except for those friends who don’t have a car at all, I think it’s great, I feel embarrassed. Today, it will win the blue ribbon of any classic auto show.

New cars used to look very different every year. You can see the difference between the ’64 Chevrolet and the ’65 Chevrolet from the block. Today, it’s hard to find my SUV in the mall parking lot, because all SUVs look similar. Until I wondered why my keychain didn’t open, I saw the trunk of the window and realized that all the garbage in the passenger’s seat was not my garbage, but the garbage of others. Nothing can be more than you realize that you have been trying to break into a stranger’s car.

It is also happening constantly; it is only a matter of time before someone calls the police, and I paused in front of the good city. When I heard one of my neighbors said: “He is a loner and he keeps himself, but we don’t know that he is a car thief, I am afraid to see my own mobile video in the evening news. “But thinking about this, he always yells at my child. “Yes, I yell at her children – but only when they steal Amazon packages from my porch.

From brokers to classics are not just cars, but almost everything: houses, restaurants, music, clothes, politics, and even some religious services. A lot of things go from hot fashion to old-fashioned overnight. There was a time when people wanted to use Formica counters in their kitchens. Now everyone wants to spend what they want in a year or two? Terracotta warriors? Butcher block? It may be Formica again.

We all think fashion is very fashionable; we expect the duds to look different next year. However, there will also be trends in restaurants. Remember the fern bar there? Now it is a ramen shop. Next year it could be a gluten-free pancake house and brew bar. After a few years, it may become a fern again.

The shopping mall that was packaged 20 years ago is now a ghost town. Soon, it will become a medical center filled with various experts and clinics. Once it is turned on, you will find it as if you have a Montgomery ward at one end and a Brentano disease at the other end that is difficult to find a parking space.

Looking through the old version of “Life” magazine or “Saturday Evening”, it’s easy to tell the year of its release – from advertising, not story. The new car at the time looked old now, and the “doctor recommended” cigarette advertisement was ridiculous (unless the people you know died of them), and the underwear and deodorant ads cleverly avoided actually mentioning the products they sold. When Victoria really had a secret, it was back. no longer. Today’s underwear ads are called pornography. The underwear did not change much, it just came out of the drawer.




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