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Question: Why do we have 99.9% of people wearing two bras and four pants when they rotate? A: Because it’s hard to find comfortable underwear and/or underwear that makes you feel sexy, the idea of ​​underwear shopping sometimes makes you feel scared.

But because we all deserve beautiful underwear, we decided to let Ansomers stylist Holly Willmot give you six professional tips for barbecue, making your underwear shopping trip easier. You will soon fall in love with your new underwear life.

A cup is not for everyone
Everyone who has ever exercised knows that a bra is more than just a bra – in fact, it can accomplish or destroy that cleavage. But with the underwear world now offering more styles than ever before, it’s easy to know which type of bra is right for your girl.

“Fuller’s chest looks amazing, but if you get more support, the balcony is the way to go – try Ann Summers’ sexy lace Balconette bra,” Holly said. “If you have smaller breasts, choose wireless lace detail to get a fascinating shape and subtle boost.”

Your peach is very flat
It seems that the days of pulling out thongs in the exercise videos of the 80s have passed. “Thongs are great for everyone!” said Holly.

suit underwear

“If you have a bent butt, Ann Summers’ Amberly String is a great way to show it. If your body is more sporty, try Brazilian-shaped shorts because it creates a more sporty illusion. If the thong is really not your thing, then a high-waisted shorts is a generally flattering way to define your silhouette and squat at your waist.”

3. Arrange your shopping trip
Lingerie shopping is not just about physical goods – it’s also about how you feel when you try to shop. That’s why planning when to arrive at a store may be as important as the importance of being on track.

4. Size
Put your cheek into a pair of too small pants and try to point out that Kimmy K’s ass overflows. It doesn’t look like that. Not only is it uncomfortable, it can also cause problems in the health sector.

Take care of your troubles by freeing up some space. “The bigger size is always more flattering,” Holly said. “A little extra material is always better than not enough.” Preach, sister.

5. Find your magic number
In terms of underwear shopping, the reduction is absolutely more. Build a capsule underwear closet that you can wear on a regular basis instead of panic – buy the entire store.




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