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The candidate for the deputy governor of the Democratic Party was marked as the host of the underwear party in 2009.

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Mandela Barnes, the deputy governor of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, was named co-host of the underwear party when he was 22 years old in 2009. He sent out an invitation online, jokingly saying “stimulus plan” and using slang words to count those rejected. People outside the door.

Barnes, 31, is a running mate after Tony Evers won primary school in August. He served in the state legislature from 2013 to 2017.

“The theme of this 9-year-old party is not yet mature,” Barnes said in an e-mail comment on Tuesday. “I have been working on gender equality during public service, including narrowing the pay gap, expanding paid family leave, and protecting women’s right to make their own health care decisions.”

In a follow-up text message with the Associated Press on Wednesday, Barnes said that he did not create the event and did not propose the party’s ideas.

“I was tagged as the host of the fb event,” Barnes sent a text message. “People have been tagged/added as co-hosts.”

Barnes also said that he does not remember whether he attended the party.

The Wisconsin Republican Party sent an invitation to the Associated Press. Republican spokesman Alex Zimmerman said that this shows that Barnes’s behavior “does not match his empty words and promises.” He condemned the use of the word “ratchet” – a proverb of a person who did not attend classes – to describe women who would be rejected.

“Tony Evers needs to immediately condemn his campaign partners because the people of Wisconsin should be better treated,” Zimmerman said.

The Wisconsin Republican Party did not condemn President Donald Trump because he made many derogatory comments on women, including Tuesday he called the erotic actress Storm Daniels “horse face.”

Barnes quoted the president’s tweet in response.

Barnes said: “I will not attend a Republican lecture. This Republican standard ticket holder today called a woman a “horse face.”

Barnes and Evers, together with Governor Scott Walker this year, worked together to attract female voters. Evers has been criticizing Walker for supporting Brett Cavano as the Supreme Court, and he said he believes women who accused Cavana of sexual assault decades ago.

Barnes also talked about the importance of women’s participation in the campaign during the August campaign.

Barnes said: “What you will have in Tony Evers, the Mandela Barnes government puts women’s rights at the forefront, right position and central position.”

On Tuesday, Evers launched the “Female Tony” campaign, which included Evers’ wife, former National Congressman Kelda Roys and others, who talked about how Evers-Barnes tickets are a supporter of health concerns for women and families. Care, quality public education and opportunities for everyone.




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