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My bikini day is behind me, and so is Miss America.

Unless your crib is a cave, you already know that the Miss America pageant is one thing and it is no longer a game. This is a game, just like a hungry game. joke!

In 1989, Miss America, Gretchen Carlson, the current chairman of Miss America’s Board of Directors, announced last week that contestants would not have to worry about wearing a swimsuit or evening dress. Because it will all disappear.

Carlson said that contestants “will no longer judge by their appearance. This means that we will no longer have swimwear competitions. We have always had talents and scholarships, and we need to better communicate part of this plan. “

In addition to her cruel use of “information”, I actually agree with a point of view. And this is that no woman was forced to take part in Miss America at gunpoint. Young women – smart, ambitious, eager to fight for nearly $ 500,000 in scholarships (and priceless exchange opportunities).

I understand the dynamics of change: the game has been criticized as an insult to women; 40 years ago, Gloria Stannum hit the drum. In addition, the #metoo campaign has changed women and unanticipated landscapes. (Forecast: shrewd and outspoken: purely for men’s approval)

Currently, the top three U.S. women’s leadership positions are women. After the resignation/dismissal of former officials (male), they exchanged e-mails that destroyed the appearance, intelligence, and sexual life of the contestants. Get rid of the burden.

So, I understand. all. If you think of a woman in a bikini as an object, not a person, then this is a problem, and you should work hard for it. But I always think that Miss America’s focus is to show three-dimensional, dynamic women: health, wellness, intelligence and awakening – that is, social conscience.

The beauty contestants are unique individuals. They are white, black, mixed-race, Hispanic, Asian. Some are petite, some are tall, some are thin and some are crooked. Some of them are role models because they have lost a lot of competitive advantage in addition to their other achievements. South Carolina Miss Bree Boyce lost 112 pounds in 2011. How can this not be good news in a 32% inhabited state? (In addition, Miss Virginia Nancy lost 50 pounds and won the 2003 Miss USA Swimwear category.)

In fact, swimwear market segments can’t really be seen as empowerment? Shana Mitchell is the mother of three current US women in Florida. She expressed support for the change of Miss America, but she also said: “Your work is very hard, not only in your body, but also your self-confidence and spirit. State, wearing a swimsuit comfortable. Once you put on high heels, wearing a bathing suit and walking on the stage, you really think you can do anything.” It sounded positive to me.

As mentioned above, the evening dress part will also be abandoned. Now, the beauty contest will include “selected costumes,” talents, and interviews with referees. This is fine – but maybe they should stop calling it Miss America and call it “Miss Molly” or “Miss of the State.” I’m serious.




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