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Rihanna’s bridal lingerie picture for her predecessor Chris Brown ‘direct torture’: he still wants to marry her

Rihanna’s latest underwear photo is making fun of Chris Brown, not the reason you want! Find out the illusion that she once had daydreams. HL has studied it specially.

Rihanna’s new underwear photos make Chris Brown feel at the wedding, not in the gutter. The 30-year-old singer stripped her savage X-Findy product, Unlined Geo Mesh Bra and Geo Mesh Cheeky of copyright on October 28 and filmed the company’s Facebook account.

Visual merchandising is successful because we have learned that it has inspired many emotions of CEO ex boyfriend. “Rihanna’s new underwear photo is Chris’s direct torture, not just because she looks so sexy,” said a source close to Chris’s exclusive sharing with Hollywood life. It’s not just Ri’s curves, the colors of underwear and bras, there’s another one – let Breezy’s ideas spin!

“With her white underwear and veil, let him imagine that she looks like a wedding night, which might make him think it might not be suitable for him,” our source continued. He still dreamed that fate would bring them back, that time was ripe, and that they would have a wedding night.

In addition to her underwear photos, the relationship between the “lemon singer” is a daydream for Chris. “In fact, Rihanna didn’t really claim that any man would make Chris think she might still be hanging on him,” our source continued. Rihanna seems not to be attached to anyone now. She hasn’t met Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel since this summer until she dated for a year. However, the “kissing” singer did not make his hopes too high.

“But now it’s between them, it’s not something he’s totally dependent on,” our source said. Their relationship is entirely platonic, but the 29-year-old singer sincerely hopes that Rihanna will post a picture of her baby on his Instagram in February. Happy birthday! In the same month, he even suggested that he be reunited with her on the world stage. ” Think about it. “The crazy world tour will be Beyonce, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown,” he tweeted on February 9. As our source tells us, “there is a ray of hope.”

Unless Rihanna changed his mind last year, striptease should be very thin. Rihanna wanted to marry him like he did – but he was abandoned by insults and jealousy, “she told us in June 2017, a message close to her. In retrospect, Chris attacked Rihanna at night. Since then, 2009 Grammy awards ceremonies have been troubling him. “No matter what they want, it won’t happen,” our source continued. After their relationship became unstable, the love between them became very bad.




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