In recent years, the physical active movement has made great progress.

The motivates are determined to be more inclusive in a world of fashion and beauty.

They are also designed to help everyone have more confidence in their skin – regardless of shape or size.

Photographer Linda Blacker is one of the more diverse women in the industry.

The creative director recently spoke on the “Daily Star” about her frontal photo taken, which she called the “Three Queens.”

She was helped by three large-size models – Michelle Elman, Lottie L’amour and Stephanie Yeboah.

Linda and makeup artist Chiara Aprea strive to transform women to celebrate the beauty of nature.

They also wore feminine underwear and showed their curved body.

When it comes to the information she shoots, Linda reveals that she hopes this will inspire women to be more confident.

The photographer explained: “I decided to turn these women into queens to celebrate them and their bodies…

“How diverse this world is, it should be displayed through the media, and it should be proudly displayed.

“The photos I want to take will not only benefit the three ladies, but also let the audience see it.”

The model is equally passionate about the project – each of them reveals what it means to them.

Lottie, a large-scale blogger, explained: “Besides Linda is the person I have always wanted to work with, I think it is important for a woman who is obviously fat to be positive.

“I am the biggest of the three people. Although we now see more media in the media, I want to see a bigger body because I think it is important to discuss the various sizes of the body, not just the tradition. Curve.

“Ultimately, I did this for me – I want to be the woman I needed to grow up, so I hope to get help from those who feel the same way as me.”

Stephanie, an Instagrams called Nerd About Town, hopes her participation will encourage those who expand their views on beauty.

She said: “Black people with darker skin and large and small women are among the lowest representative communities in the UK. We often have negative stereotypes such as ‘fashionable’, ‘harsh’ and ‘aggressive’.

“I want to do this shot to show that we have a softer, more ethereal and more vulnerable side.”

The social media star Michelle who shared the post on Scarred Not Scared responded to these ideas.

She said: “I want to show that we are all beautiful in our own way. If you believe in your beauty, it will be seen in the photo.

“I believe you can see how powerful all of us are through images like this.”




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