Every woman has a definition of the picture-perfect bag. This usually varies on their day-to-day needs, the line of their work, and their own style and personal liking. There are times that shopping for a bag could be difficult because it’s hard to find all the specs that we want in a single design. But that would not stop us from looking and searching until we found our best finds.

How to choose the perfect handbag for everyday use

Practically Stylish

The best bags can, of course, means different things to different folks. Most of the time, they’re bits and pieces of everything all at the same time… “PRO” but not too fuggy, spacious to tuck in gym sneakers and a laptop, and built with extra pockets to accommodate the mishmash not so essential but need to carry anyway (baby rattles to college journals). At times, you might just be searching for a stylish best-seller that fits the essentials and makes you look like all prep-up (both in the office and when you meet-up with friends for a chitchat after a tedious day). And not a must, but still adored: the ability to sport the bag numerous ways in different places without looking out of place.

If you’re a practical shopper, it’s most likely that you incline towards buying black totes, why? Simply because you find it easier to pair with almost everything. But that being said, it’s also quite easy to get jaded with the same historic black purse. Before you go and buy another piece in a similar color, why not opt for other hues? Plum, mustard, olive to name a few.

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A Wise Choice

How do I choose the best bag for my daily use? With the price of bags climbing up over the years, it’s even more necessary to pick the right one for everyday use without breaking your hard-earned money, you just need to decide if you want a fashion statement or a functional piece of carrying all your stuff. However, if we can have both fashion statements and functionality in one piece then grab it ASAP before someone else does!

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Pick the right one

Think about your lifestyle and what sort of treatment your bag will get. Like, if you drive to work you won’t be walking that far carrying your bag, so the weight will not matter at all. But if you are a commuter, or use any public transport, make sure  you buy a bag that’s handy to carry and has a good strong clasp, to stop people slumping into it on a jam-packed train or station platform!

If you do a lot of shopping for your family, you will probably get the most comfort and practicality from a cross-over bag that leaves your hands free to shop and in control of your kiddos. If you work for a corporate office, it may be a good idea to go for a large, high quality bag that can hold a laptop and work documents, as well as your personal essentials. If you don’t carry a lot of personal items around with you, you can get away with a smaller bag that can take your phone and a few necessities.

Now that you have identified what really suits your need and lifestyle, it will be easier for you to spot the best bag that will be your closest buddy in times to come.




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