Jeans are by far the most beloved piece of clothing in the world. They are adored by both women and men and there is no person out there who does not have at least one pair in the wardrobe. If for men the types of jeans are not so varied, in the case of women there are many models of jeans on the market suitable for any type of silhouette. Among the various types of jeans, there are some models that must be in the wardrobe.

1. Straight jeans

Straight or classic jeans have a straight cut along their entire length, these being the jeans that benefit all types of silhouettes. Also, this model of jeans will never go out of style and is perfect to be worn with boots or ankle boots. They are ideal for petite women!

2. Skinny jeans

As popular as straight jeans and loved by women everywhere are skinny jeans. They are the opposite of classic jeans because they are tight all the way to the ankle. They are recommended for people with a slim figure and long legs, and if you have shorter legs or more accentuated shapes, it is good to wear them with heeled shoes or to find a pair that goes above the ankles. These jeans look absolutely amazing with very well-tailored blazers!

3. Boyfriend or girlfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans have become extremely popular in recent years due to their light cut. They have a low waist, are slightly wide on the leg, and are found in light colors and often with tears. They look very much like the jeans that can be found in men’s wardrobes. The more feminine version of them is girlfriend jeans because they are slightly more tapered as they descend to the ankles. Practically these types of jeans are great for any silhouette and they look best when worn with loose T-shirts or white large shirts and sneakers or stiletto shoes.

4. Flared jeans

Very popular in the ’70s, but also in the 90s, flared jeans returned in force this year. This type of jeans becomes wider and wider on the leg starting with the knee area and is very suitable for people with rounder shapes because it creates a beautiful proportion between the hips and legs. They look amazing paired with brown leather jackets or with larger blazers!

5. High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans are loved by many women because they accentuate their waist and hide their belly if any. High-waisted jeans can be skinny, flared, or even mom jeans. It’s great to choose this type of jeans if you want your legs to look longer and if you want to look taller too. Wear them with basic tops and high-heeled shoes or booties and you won’t go wrong!




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