Summer is here and we have already started our holidays and vacations. But as we shop for cute summer dresses and shorts along with flip flops and hats. We should not forget the most important accessory-Sunglasses. Not only they save you from the sun, but it ramps up your cool factor along with following all the latest trends.

So here comes the next big question, which sun glasses do I look good in?

1.For a face that is round

A round face has softer features, angular sun glasses would look great, colorful gradient lenses will assist in elongating the face. Tortoise shell are a good choice for them.

Colorful Sunglasses

This season colorful sunglasses are a go, as you already have your share of anti UV glasses like aviators or your normal classics. The current colors in sunglasses are very bright and bring about pop in your attire as well as attitude. The lenses are the same colors as the frames and they look quite adorable and chic, a must addition to your accessories.

2.For a face that is heart-shaped

These kinds of faces have a broad forehead and a slightly tapered chin. So, you should go for thin and light metal sunglasses like aviators or angular shaped ones.

Aviator Sunglasses

These have always been in trend and are a staple for our wardrobe, whether you have a heart-shaped face or not. These glasses from our Top Gun fan days have and always will be a hit. These are actually the glasses specially made for pilots. They have their own moments of popularity. These come in different colors, patterns like gold frames, or some trendy acetate designs.

3.For a face that is oval-shaped

An oval shaped face is normally a perfect structure for a face and is well balanced. But it is just slightly longer than it is wide. As the face is a bit narrower square shaped and oversized glasses look great on this kind of face.

Tortoise Shell Glasses

Tortoise shell are a hit and have been since the 70’s. This is a style that never goes out of fashion. It makes you look trendy and brings out your inner vixen. The thicker frames along with tinted lenses complement your face and bring out your inner devil.

4.For a face that is square-shaped

A square-shaped face has a stronger jawline with a broader forehead. Here our aim is to choose glasses that make your face look elegant and delicate. Black or frames from a single color or metal frames look flattering too.

Cat eye glasses

Something slick and sexy to go with your every day wear they come in either black frames or transparent or even in colours. Highly sophisticated they look great on you. They offer a versatile personality and are popular every year. This time too returning with a bang.

So, go and start shopping and begin your summer with a bang!!!




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